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Thu 31 Jul

Jul 31 Re:Obama sets new milestone

Jul 31 The Hillary/Obama Team has left the world smoldering

Jul 31 Tough decisions for Obama's political team

Jul 31 Load 'em up

Wed 30 Jul

Jul 30 Re: reducing husband's balls

Jul 30 How reassuring to know she has access to your medical records

Jul 30 Any of you Libs still have a tingle running up your leg?

Jul 30 Obama sets new milestone

Jul 30 It's about time for Michelle to take another taxpayer funded vacation

Jul 30 Al Gore must be in town

900 Jul 30 Games your kids can play with Central American kids 900 (washington dc)

Jul 30 I hate women almost as much as they hate me!! (My wives leave me after i undress!!) pic

57 Jul 30 This VA reform is a joke 57 (AK)

Jul 30 Which is it?

Jul 30 Go Big O!! Economy contines to move UP!! (all due to libs!!) pic

Jul 30 Science Is Hard. Hating Is Easy. Now You Understand Repub Philosophy. (USA! Ayup) pic

Jul 30 "Peace in the Middle East", Bumps in the Night

61 Jul 30 The NEW war begins! 61 pic

Jul 30 Peace in the Middle East

27 Jul 30 MALE NYC MODEL seeking Older Female - m4w 27 pic

Jul 30 Re: Time out

Jul 30 Illegal Immigrant Children in Maryland

Jul 30 It's a given that during a crisis...

Jul 30 Global warming sure warmed up Al Gore's bank account

Jul 30 What Libs forget to mention pic

Jul 30 Numbnuts is a very fitting name...

Jul 30 Political scientists differ on when the Obama Administration failed

Jul 30 Obama admits his presidency is a failure but notes that...

Jul 30 I never looked up the word "Smidgen"

Jul 30 Who woulda thunk it

Jul 30 NATO boots Obama

Jul 30 It will only get worse for the Lame Duck President

Jul 30 Joke of the day

Jul 30 Ohh, Lookie there! (Senate floor)

Jul 30 You can leave your doors and windows unlocked at night

Jul 30 Worst since WWII (Sucks to be Obamaland)

Jul 30 Please contribute (Thank you)

Jul 30 Re:History will savage Obama as a complete failure. (Worse than Jimmy

Jul 30 Re: Gas Tax

Jul 30 The KGC was not fiction. (D.C.) pic

Jul 30 Re:The Obama Record (Reality) pic

Jul 30 "Time out while we re-load..."

Jul 30 Do you like your head where it is? (on your shoulders)

22 Jul 30 4 years and still more shyt. 22

Jul 30 Grayson Roberge - General Dynamics (Stephens City, VA) pic

Jul 30 How To Beg for Money (Successfully) or Begging for Dummies!

Jul 30 Gallup. Obama approval. +39% -55% (-16%). (No No, thats not real good.)

Jul 30 Obama/DEMs preparing for another devastating shellacking in mid-terms (Obama's destruction of DEMs complete)

Jul 30 History will savage Obama as a complete failure. (Worse than Jimmy Carter)

Jul 30 GDP Growth of 1.3% in 2014, 2013 down to 2%, hardly bad news for GOP. (DOW down. LEFT-tards are funny stupid!)

19 Jul 30 Is there somewhere to tan naturally? 19 (washington dc)

Jul 30 WHOOPEE (pissing my pants)

Jul 30 To the 2nd qtr growth clown and his graphs

Jul 30 Who are you to make fun of my haircut? pic

78 Jul 30 Does anyone remember when 78 (Everywhere)


Jul 30 It's empowering to drive a prestigous car and park in a VIP Only spot pic

Jul 30 Allah turned off global warming. Imam Ayup blames Obama's detractors

Jul 30 The Obama Record (Reality) pic

Jul 30 History will savage Obama as a complete failure. (Worse than Jimmy Carter)

Jul 30 Loser Boy- Global cooling not warming

Jul 30 Thank a White person (USA not Africa)

Jul 30 WHOOPEE (pissing my pants)

Jul 30 OK, yes. Obama surely is right. This is no new "Cold War" with Russia (Bald, naked aggression)

Jul 30 Obama Bitch Slaps Murderous KGB Pint-Sized THUG Putin. Boehner Threate (USA! Ayup)

33 Jul 30 Beware of Con Artist George Lee McNeal, Jr. 33 (Alexandria, VA) pic

Jul 30 It was just a matter of time till you were found out pic

Jul 30 Breaking News - more Obamacare Fraud

Jul 30 Obama and his revised negative 2.9% contraction for Q1 pic

Tue 29 Jul

Jul 29 It's a price you're just going to have to pay

Jul 29 Why are the Libs NOT adopting the illegal children...

Jul 29 Technical analysis

Jul 29 How do you spell corruption?

Jul 29 Cough, hack, cough, cough, squirt, cough, squirt, squirt

Jul 29 Behind closed doors

Jul 29 It's just amazing, amazing I tell you!

Jul 29 I work at the White House where women get paid less than men

Jul 29 Obama and his revised negative 2.9% contraction for Q1 pic

Jul 29 Re: The real Irony



Jul 29 Putin and Hamas have one thing in common

Jul 29 re never said better pic

Jul 29 RE; Bush and his aides (Hmmm)

50 Jul 29 Never said better 50 (Been here since 1970) pic

Jul 29 .....deny...deny...deny.....and then deny some more! (tru dat') pic

Jul 29 Reagan...... just another old white asshole (sure enough) pic

Jul 29 what the hell is all this Generous crap on here?? (DC) pic

Jul 29 typical progressive fememist followers pic

Jul 29 Michael Sam


56 Jul 29 When your born with a silver spoon in your mouth 56 (You have no idea ) pic

Jul 29 Re:Looks like Obama is a national security risk - pic

Jul 29 RE: I do coke because wifes a bitch

Jul 29 The ISCO results are in

Jul 29 Looks like Obama is a national security risk

Jul 29 My qualifications

Jul 29 Indoctrinated Libs have a Bush Fetish

Jul 29 AYUP thinks spewing mentally unstable anti-GOP hatred is debate. (He is completely mentally ill)

Jul 29 GOP will never impeach Obama as long as he is destroying the DEM party (OBAMA !!! OBAMA !!! )

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