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Mon 01 Sep

Sep 1 With all the GMO's we don't know what the hell we are eating!

Sep 1 re goverment provide more benefits

Sep 1 Your children picked a very bad time to be born... pic

34 Sep 1 I am a fat, stupid , dumb loser, everyone hates me!!!! 34 (maryland Suburb ) pic

43 Sep 1 W4M bedroom advice needed 43 (The bedroom)

Sun 31 Aug

24 Aug 31 Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered 24 (Alexandria)

Aug 31 I think the government needs to provide more benefits

Aug 31 My Republican neighbor got tickets for 70% off! (He needed motivation!!) pic

Aug 31 WWJD? pic

Aug 31 Paul Krugman ... Republicans are delusional (pretell?) pic

Aug 31 YEAH, so how come obama (small o)

Aug 31 Oh please... Go suck an egg! (stupid lying old Fuck!) pic

Aug 31 Enough Already!! We know.... we know! (6 years and you've proven that!!) pic

Aug 31 Coming to the Comedy Channel ?? (One can only hope!) pic

Aug 31 Bush and Putin (here)

Aug 31 Re: Two Time LOSER to become 3 time loser?

Aug 31 GOP is to a Job Creator..... so there! (Sure as hell) pic

Aug 31 I will never contact Matt _____ again

Aug 31 Don't feel bad for me ..... I will never be that gullible or stupid (nobody plus nothing equals everything??) pic

Aug 31 Re: Reality based charts are always hard .....

Aug 31 What happens when you put the fox in charge of (the henhouse?) pic

Aug 31 There is no baggage here pic

Aug 31 Help our Country!! Please donate asap! (Sooner the better) pic

Aug 31 The church up the street from me is the (greatest church of all!!!!) pic

Aug 31 Republican Lies......and the real truth (GOP selling fear and lies 24/7) pic

Aug 31 Omg.....what have they created now? (Time to make a stand!) pic

Aug 31 Scott Walker coughs up another hairball (PussyBoy!) pic

Aug 31 CNN reporter..... tells it like it is (Ouch!) pic

Aug 31 It's raining out

Aug 31 Powerful US Senator calls for arming Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers

Aug 31 Re:The Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton/Gingrich tax cuts all worked. (Followe

Aug 31 Reality based charts are always hard ..... (Realityville USA) pic

Aug 31 Paul Ryan says John Boehner STINKS! (yeah.... we know it!) pic

Aug 31 Two Time LOSER to become 3 time loser? (Slow learner!) pic

Aug 31 I'll just make up stuff to back my beliefs (Creature of habit) pic

Aug 31 Don't worry....water is suppose to catch on fire (say GOP asshat lawmaker) pic

Aug 31 Wonder if those people have looted the local KFC yet

Aug 31 Bad news for the GOP/Baggers (AYUP) pic

41 Aug 31 GOP releases long term plan to deal with climate change 41 (Finally!) pic

Aug 31 Why is there a conflict? (simple really) pic

Aug 31 Clown doesn't even have daughters (you little twit!) pic

39 Aug 31 Remember me? I make things up right out of thin air 39 (FactCheck DON'T Lie fool) pic

Aug 31 CDC

Aug 31 CDC

Aug 31 just the facts (here) pic

Aug 31 Parenthood pic

Aug 31 Hillary, Russia, Reset Buttons and a Failed Foreign Policy. (Sec of State Hillary Fucking Failure)

Aug 31 Can't say I blame him pic

Aug 31 Good thing she had that checked pic

Aug 31 Work boots are always in stock pic

Aug 31 She is a carpet muncher pic

Aug 31 And the winner is... pic

Aug 31 It's in his genes pic

Aug 31 Dump Hillary pic

61 Aug 31 Odumbo's Crew 61 (NC)

Aug 31 Re: Too Much Partisan Thinking!! pic

Aug 31 Re: Re: Real scientific graph.... - 40 (Leesburg)

35 Aug 31 RUUU 35 (Park DC)

Aug 31 Don't forget....if your neighbor watch's..... pic

Aug 31 Who do these leaders ?? pic

Aug 31 The abuse on woman marches on..... courtesy of (#1 FAT ol' BLOWHARD) pic

Aug 31 Re: Honestly, how Pathetic is your..... (get a life!) pic

Aug 31 Too Much Partisan Thinking!!

Aug 31 The last decent Repub. President was Eisenhower (an Ike fan here) pic

Aug 31 Re: Detroit (RIP)

Aug 31 Re: Real scientific graph.... - 40 (Leesburg) pic

Aug 31 Resemblance (Who me) pic

Aug 31 Reagan...... just another old white asshole (sure enough) pic

Aug 31 Honestly, how Pathetic is your..... (get a life!) pic

Aug 31 Regressive lies...... proven wrong (Fact checkers) pic

Aug 31 The Meaning of Life (Bigtime) pic

Aug 31 "Pro's" (lean FORWARD) pic

Aug 31 Kochwhore's will be a comedians wetdream (WhackoBirds unite!) pic

Aug 31 Albert Einstein ...... worth repeating (Worldwide) pic

Aug 31 Funny how religious people are the most..... (I'm not surprised!) pic

40 Aug 31 Real scientific graph.... 40 (Leesburg)

Aug 31 Religion is good for 1 thing only (History proves it!) pic

Aug 31 Inside a SNEAKY mind...too bad for you that we've got your number pic

Aug 31 Are Sunday Comic Strips being destroyed by sponsored Beer Ads? (Putting catchy jingos in kid's heads) pic

10 Aug 31 "AYUP" Founding President of HORE/ Haters Of Religion Everywhere !!!! 10 (Batshit Atheist Cave ) pic

Aug 31 Re: But Shit for Brains has a graph! (I have a graph too!!!!!!) pic

Aug 31 Oh Hi, I see you're still posting on here, still whining and crying pic

Aug 31 With a SMART car like this you have to stop revving it up (and shove it into gear) pic

Aug 31 Re: number for the Truck Driving School (Someone give this to your bammy)

Aug 31 Our Community Organgrinder pic

Aug 31 The Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton/Gingrich tax cuts all worked. (Followed by periods of robust growth)

Aug 31 Obamacare premiums to rise by 7.5%. That is supposed to be good?!?! (The coming shellacking )

Aug 31 IPCC says global warming ended 15 years ago (But Shit for Brains has a graph!)

Aug 31 Oh my! Did you see this Martha?

Aug 31 Toyota taxed out of California (Headed for Texas)

Aug 31 Oh my! Did you see this Martha?

Aug 31 The gift that keeps on giving

Aug 31 Detroit (RIP) pic

Aug 31 Well, yet another raging Obama success story (The world is so safe now) pic

Aug 31 We all want progress, but... pic

Aug 31 The last decent Repub President was Eisenhower (I'm an Ike fan too!) pic

Aug 31 Re: Good Morning! There Are No Deities. Jesus Was A Myth. Faith Is Dan

Aug 31 being invaded

Aug 31 Good morning. Socialism killed 100 million, Putin on the march. (Ayup loves pointing fingers)

Aug 31 Faith in What? (Science?) pic

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