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$600 Original painting by renowned Irish artist Marie Carroll $600 (Dupont Circle) pic [xundo]

$20 Framed and matted quote on faith $20 (Dupont Circle) pic [xundo]

$99 Peacock Feather Party Decorations! purple, teal, table center pieces $99 (Capitol Hill) pic map [xundo]

$5 Seashell framed print PRICE REDUCED $5 pic map [xundo]

$5 Country house oil painting PRICE REDUCED $5 pic map [xundo]

$12 Bamboo bundles for sale $12 (Takoma Park, MD) pic map [xundo]

$150 Mayan Calendar $150 (Stafford) pic map [xundo]

$20 Doctor figure $20 (Stafford) pic map [xundo]


$30 Japanese Porcelain Kimono Girl Doll $30 (Stafford) pic map [xundo]


$400 Heavy Metal Mary! Life-size Painting~Prominent DC artist $400 (U st NW) pic map [xundo]

$100 Lithograph Artist Proof Familiar Places Signed Donna Sramek $100 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$299 2 Antique 19th Century Artist Wayside Inn Etching Signed Fishel Adler $299 (brookland/langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$350 2 lithographs "ART OF BALLET" Artist: Donna LaVance Sramek $350 (brookland-langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$60 Lithograph art Peach Poppies flowers 27/100 Signed Donna Sramek $60 (brookland langdon park) pic [xundo]

$30 16X20 Baltimore Round Lighthouse Photo Signed Numbered by Jost $30 (brookland-langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$60 Nellie's Sports Bar Historic Framed Photo Artistic Design by Jost Houk $60 (brookland. langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$250 2 Glenny Brazy Lithographs Japanese Azaleas Chinese Rhododendron Signe $250 (brookland/langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$80 Framed Children Puddle Fun Washington Monument DC Photo Signed #'d Jo $80 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$495 Original Oil Painting Quigley Rustic Colorful Moose on Eastlake Door $495 (Brookland/ Langdon Park) pic map [xundo]

$40 "Flags of Denmark" Lg 20x30 Photo Signed by Jost Houk $40 (brookland-langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$80 Jr's Bar and Grill Historic 17th St Framed Artistic Photo by Jost Houk $80 (Brookland/Langdon Park) pic map [xundo]

$60 Art of Hillary Clinton for President 2016 Pop Art by Jost Houk $60 (Brookland-Langdon Park) pic [xundo]

$80 Lithograph art Silver Poppies 5/100 Signed Donna Sramek $80 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$100 Signed Lithograph art Dynasty II Tree by Donna Sramek $100 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$160 Pair Framed Advertisments, Nude Men Army Frat Spanking Cannon underwea $160 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$480 3 lithographs Ballerina "Art of Ballet" Donna LaVance Sramek $480 (brookland-langdon park) pic [xundo]

$40 Watercolor Asian Oriental Flowers Birds tree on linen fabric mounted $40 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$49 3x4 foot whiteboard, dry erase $49 (brookland) pic map [xundo]

$60 FRAMED First Lady Michelle Obama Print Signed Numbered by Jost Houk $60 (brookland, langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$50 Large 20x30 Artistic Photo of Bromo Seltzer Tower Baltimore Jost Houk $50 (Brookland/Langdon Park) pic [xundo]

$120 Pair JACK & JACKIE KENNEDY Framed Photo Prints jfk pink Signed #'d $120 (brookland, langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$75 Sewing Machine Antique in Cabinet $75 (chevy chase DC) pic map [xundo]

$60 3 ORIENTAL ASIAN PRINTS Art $60 (brookland-langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$60 3 Vintage ORIENTAL Japanese ASIAN Wood Block Art Uchida $60 (brookland-langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$120 PAIR Framed Fall on the Potomac River Washington DC Photo Signed #'d J $120 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$80 Marine One Framed Photo White House Washington DC Signed #'d - $80 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$60 Space Shuttle over Washington Framed Matted Photo Signed Numbered $60 (brookland-langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$75 PAIR Photo Prints Framed Historic Boys Prints, Cigar & Newies $75 (brookland langdon park) pic map [xundo]

$100 Screenprinting inks, blank shirts, misc tools $100 pic map [xundo]

$100 Signed / Dated Face Jug; JH Perdue $100 (Cleveland Park) pic map [xundo]

$600 Painting by DC Artist - Capitol Hill $600 (Cleveland Park) pic map [xundo]

$89 Beautiful Carved Wooden Crucifix $89 (NW DC) pic map [xundo]

$199 Vintage Pair of Indian Elephant & Camel Paintings by A. Churchill $199 (Northwest DC) pic map [xundo]

$195 Provocative Framed Lithograph Titled, "The Slump" by McNamara $195 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$1495 Antique Framed Chinese Horseman Painting $1495 (District of Columbia) pic map [xundo]

$20000 Beautiful Chinese Painting of Chicks $20000 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$255 Vintage Impressionist Lithograph of Steelworker on Skyscraper $255 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$55 Beautiful Collections of Flowers in Pots & Fruits & Vegetables $55 (NW DC) pic map [xundo]

$295 Antique Country Landscape Drawing by J. B. Johnson $295 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$99 Beautiful, Large Statue of Michelangelo's David $99 (Washington DC) pic map [xundo]

$255 Beautiful Vintage Painting of Orchids $255 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$675 Beautiful Vintage Impressionist Painting of Marina at Sunrise $675 (DC) pic map [xundo]

$55 Antique Framed Poem by James W. Riley $55 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$375 Beautiful Illustration of Male Nude $375 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$75 Vintage Pair of Beautifully Framed Still Lifes $75 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$249 Antique Drawing of Parents, Nanny & Child by H. C. Christy $249 (Northwest, DC) pic map [xundo]

$375 Charming Seaside Copper & Stone Statue of Seagulls on Anchor $375 (NW, DC) pic map [xundo]

$55 Beautifully Framed, Embroidered Still Life of Flowers $55 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$225 Beautifully Antique Framed Print of European Village by a Canal $225 (16th St. NW) pic map [xundo]

$149 Drawing of Nanny & Baby Carriage by McNamara $149 (NW, DC) pic map [xundo]

$125 Antique Drawing of Lady by B.V. $125 (Upper Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$95 Beautiful Antique Crucifix $95 (NW, DC) pic map [xundo]

$125 Antique Print of Roman Goddess Fides by Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1871) $125 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$125 Vintage Framed Lithograph of Ringling Bros. Circus Clown 'Coco' $125 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$85 Beautiful Pairs of Wooden Picture Frames $85 (NW, DC) pic map [xundo]

$30000 Illustration of Angels by Salvador Dali $30000 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$29 Beautiful Chinese Hand Fan with Stand $29 (Northwest, DC) pic map [xundo]

$49 Beautiful Vintage Handcrafted Needlepoint Calendar $49 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$55 Vintage Cloth & Wood Statue of a Queen $55 (Washington DC) pic map [xundo]

$85 Charming Stone Statue of Cat $85 (NW, DC) pic map [xundo]

$325 Beautiful Vintage Painting on Friar Genuflecting before Angels $325 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$699 Beautiful Antique Framed Painting of Samurai $699 (DC) pic map [xundo]

$89 Vintage Framed Photo of Colosseum $89 (Northwest, DC) pic map [xundo]

$99 Striking 3rd Century BC Etruscan Statue of Male Nude $99 (NW, DC) pic [xundo]

$145 Delightful Vintage Painting of Bicyclists along Potomac $145 (NW (near MD border)) pic map [xundo]

$1995 Painting of Samurai on Horses $1995 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$20 Antique Cloth Print of Our Lady of Guadalupe $20 (NW, DC) pic map [xundo]

$195 Beautiful Vintage Lithograph of Claude Monet's "The Poppy Field" $195 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$135 Beautiful Painting Titled, 'Portrait of a Boy' (Nicholas Rubens) $135 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$695 Beautiful 19th Century Painting of Farmhouse by a Lake in Winter $695 (Rock Creek Park) pic map [xundo]

$595 Antique Color Lithograph of French Cityscape by Maurice Utrillo $595 (DC) pic map [xundo]

$225 Antique Embroidered & Framed Portrait of the Madonna $225 (NW DC) pic map [xundo]

$395 Vintage Portrait of Rembrant the Philosopher $395 (Washington DC) pic map [xundo]

$75 Beautiful Wood Picture Frame with Glass Face for Standard Size Poster $75 (Northwest, DC) pic map [xundo]

$155 Large Vintage Framed Photo of London's Westminster Bridge & Big Ben $155 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$95 Stained Glass Gentleman's Wall Mirror $95 (Northwest DC) pic map [xundo]

$795 Beautiful Pair of 19th Century, NYC Lithographs by K├Âllner & Bufford $795 (Northwest) pic map [xundo]

$495 Beautiful Antique Painting of Freshly Picked Peaches $495 (Northwest DC) pic map [xundo]

$249 Antique Framed Print of Saint Joseph & Christ Child $249 (Upper NW) pic map [xundo]

$195 Vintage Framed Picture of L. Campbell Taylor's 'Lady with Harp' $195 (Northwest DC) pic map [xundo]

$175 19th Century Still Life Drawing of Hunter's Bird Catch $175 (NW) pic map [xundo]

$895 Large Sensual Framed Painting of Young Man by John J. Payne $895 (DC) pic map [xundo]

$75 Beautiful Framed Print of Furber's 'Summer' $75 (Upper NW) pic map [xundo]

$595 Poignant Vintage Impressionist Painting of the Crucifixion of Christ $595 (District of Columbia) pic map [xundo]

$49 Beautiful Garden Art Flowers $49 (NW) pic [xundo]

$85 Large Ornate Picture Frames $85 (NW DC) pic map [xundo]

$65 Beautiful Antique Watercolor Painting of Garden $65 (Northwest DC) pic map [xundo]

$49 Beautiful Framed Abstract of Flowers by Esson $49 (NW) pic map [xundo]

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