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boycot mexico tourism and fruit (usa)


Re:Kerry says a Ketchup suppository cures Ebola

Bypassed citizens pic

SUBSIDIES, is our middle class tax increase (towns, cities, states & OUR Country)

Warner - just another corrupt Liberal (An Obamaboy)

Can you catch Ebola from a diseased illegal caddy who handles your (clubs?)

Child sick from foreign trespassing CHILDREN interaction? (Call CDC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PRI, NPR..)

777 Rave! How about all those CZARS, still accountable??? 777 (Desk of the President)

If Hitler Had Been Black and Running in an Election Today

There is not a smidgen of waste in the Obola Regime

Obama speaks and people leave

Ebola remembered pic

SWM ISO Ebola Free Mature Kinky Slut with a Sexual Bucket List

Welcome to America pic

When are Michelle and the kids going to visit the Obola patients?

And now he brings Ebola to your beloved child's school pic

Obama goes golfing to show America there is no risk from Ebola pic

Kerry says a Ketchup suppository cures Ebola pic

Illegals at your children's school pic

The cure is near pic

President Obama Lowers Cost Of Gas. Going To Grandma's House For Thank (Anytown, USA! Ayup)

Obama criss crosses the country helping endangered Senate Democrats! (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA )


New election rules I'd like to see

Re:New Leadership (Never Going to Happen)

15 days and it`s good bye damnocraps!! (AYUP!!) pic

Lord of the Flies deletes WH petition to ban flights to W africa (now censoring the news) pic

Getting HIGH on Halloween (My Dream Scream) pic

It's official, SPAM-tard John Smith is my trained monkey. (Dance monkey dance.)

The new Ebola Czar a political hack specializing in debate(s). (Obama, taking incompetance to 11!)

New Leadership

Obama blows his horn-- the sheep walk away? pic

Dickwad Obama Needs to Appoint a Presidential Czar (Since Prez Dumbfuck Likes "Czars")

Spam-tard John Smith spends all day trying to be annoying, and failing (One button and the SPAM folder is empty)

We hoped for a Peace-monger: Michael Moore Slams Obama: History Will (Only Remember You Were a Black President) pic

People already knew this themselves (it's a "duh' statement of sorts ) pic

Dr. Death

Questions from the man in the pumpkin hat pic

How Stupid Blacks Vote - The Three Questions They Ask Themselves

Dufus Dickwad Obama's Ebola Strategy-Dangerous, Stupid, Political

Obama Backs Lt. Governor Brown stains (MD) pic

IPCC says global warming ended 15 years ago (But Shit for Brains has a graph!)

Spam-tard John Smith fails at everything, even at being annoying. (Skippy, you are funny stupid)

Rothenberg: Look for a Sizable GOP wave in the Senate (The coming Shellacking)

43 We are not going to the beach this year 43 (Stay at home) pic

Charlie Cook: "Democrats have plenty to dread this November" (The coming shellacking)

WP Poll. 52% of American now think President Obama a failure. (WTF took so long?)

what do ebola, big mike, ray rice, trayvon and 69% of all crime.....

Republican Ebola Strategy - Complicated, Nuanced, Subtle, Worthless!!! (USA! Ayup)

Didn't pAYUP say that the Earth would be a lake of fire by now?

22 jerking in traffic 22 (anywhere)

Legislators CDC

Pres. Failure told us that Ebola could not spread to the US (Fucking retard or pathological liar?)

CDC: When big, dumb fucking govt is expected to protect us! (LEFT-tards are funny stupid.)

AYUP thinks spewing mentally unstable anti-GOP hatred is human thought (AYUP is a fucking moron)

It's pretty bad when even the Washington Post...

Been Waiting pic

Re; the Obola crisis epitomizes (to the lone retard)

Workplace illness pic

An apology is needed, now!

Democrats walk out on Obola (Loserboy cusses everyone for leaving) pic

boycot mexico tourism and fruit (usa)

Don't worry - Al Gore is working on the cure for Ebola

I think that crackhead in the White House is hanging out with Biden's (son!)

Obama looks like hell

Sandwich or Skittles - WTF difference does it make

Peace Dividend

Ebola or Russian Nukes? Pick your Posion (Putin speaks volumes) pic

Ebola shows just how stupid/dangerous the left is. (Quarantines are highly effective)

67% want a ban on travel to Ebola countries (The other 33% are shitbagging liberals ) pic

Re the Obola crisis epitomizes (CDC paid themselve 25 M in bonuses)

69 It's Mad Stupid Fresh - Felched by a SNowman 69 (Your Mom) pic

The Ebola Crisis Epitomizes How & Why Republicans Are Bad For America! (USA! Ayup)

send them a copy of this post. stop this FRAUD( against our vets).....

Funny face pic

In the dumper

This guy can't tell the truth. pic

Ketchup cures Ebola pic

Czar recommendations for Ebola pic

Political hack appointed Ebola Czar to protect Obola!!

Would you care for the chicken or the pasta meal? pic

I think it's over here John pic

Holiday gift idea for the office pic

#Got Ebola pic

Timing pic

Anyone have a straw? pic

Sunday Laugh - Only Married - m4w - 35 (rockville) pic

AYUP proves yet again that he is pure hate and mental illness. (Hating people of faith is EVIL)

Conplan 8888 and Ebola

Being out of Africa not enough for Arrogant Africans pic

Huckabee and The New Independants (2016)

Nothing to worry about, eh? pic

A poem for Libs pic

Great question pic

Obama In Top Ten Best Prez List. "God told me!" Ayup. Must Be True. Ay (USA! Ayup)

Re: (((((((((( MUST READ))))))))))))

57 (((((((((( MUST READ)))))))))))) 57 (FOR THE ENTIRE DMV)

fast and furious

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