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2 mega babes need a friend tonight and some vegan cookies [xundo]

RE: Black girl commits suicide, cops get blamed (Ludicrousville) pic [xundo]

Black girl commits suicide, cops get blamed (Realityville) [xundo]

Hulk Hogan just got run over by a bus...the PC bus (Realityville) [xundo]

machiavellian herpes (the dee dot see) [xundo]

New Podcast [xundo]


re:Hulk Hogan and Corporate American GREED........................... pic [xundo]

Re:Bush' accomplishments. (Reality) [xundo]

Hulk Hogan pic [xundo]

RE, RE, Could the Sleeping Giant Be Awakening? pic [xundo]

Re:Could the Sleeping Giant Be Awakening? pic [xundo]


re:RE: YEE HAW!!! Psychopath Trump Handed 2016 Win To Progressives!!Ay (EARTH! USA! Ayup!) pic [xundo]

Better than Reagan, Obama leaves GOP stronger than any time since 1928 (Thank you President Failure) [xundo]

Jenna Talia [xundo]

The Obama legacy of staggering deficits and debt (Every year a record) [xundo]

re:And Moochelle is worried about their school lunches..and MORE (DISTORTED FACTS FROM THE RIGHT........) pic [xundo]

Hillary's time has passed [xundo]

Trump as an Independent could win, however.... [xundo]

re: Bill Clinton tried to circumvent... (Thanks but) pic [xundo]

Bill just lied about sex (perjury); Hillary just used private email. (Laws are for the little people) [xundo]

Bill Clinton tried to Blah...Blah...Blah........ pic [xundo]

Why do Democrats hate facts so much? (They explain income disparity) [xundo]

Another fact: the dude who killed Trayvon Martin ain't white. (Facts destroy your narratives) [xundo]

Bill Clinton tried to circumvent a woman's quest for justice. (Perjury is like destruction of evidence) [xundo]

Re: Do you ♥ Washington D.C.? [xundo]

Quick question: what do you call someone who violates US law? (The word is a criminal, not undocumented) [xundo]

The best and worst presidents pic [xundo]

Re:Thanks, Republicans [xundo]

My new boss is WONDERFUL (Arlington) [xundo]

RE: RE: Drivin' dat CLOWN Bus to Cleveland! Trump In Driver's Seat! Ay (He's losing it!) pic [xundo]

} } } } Donald Trump & VP Jeb Bush { { { { (. . The Agenda - The First 30 Days!) [xundo]

Re:RE: Sand