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disillusioned with post-college life

Why My Life Sucks

I want to first start by saying my life isn't all that bad - at least I'm not in a rubber tree pounding out shoes in Thailand for 10 cents an hour, right? But nonetheless, I am not enjoying this 9-5 working life, for obvious reasons that I will illustrate below.

Note Figure A above. This is a pie chart of my projected daily day. In college, this is how I thought the rest of my life would be. Note the high paying job, the incredible sex life, a healthy dose of computer hacking and music listening, closed by a long, restful night before another hard day at work. This is how we're trained to think in college. "Hey, I'm getting myself into debt to go to this college, but it'll be worth it!" Right? Wrong! Lets take a look at Figure B.

This is my average day, done accurately with SPSS (thanks for footing the $5,000 bill, CDP!). Now, notice the sex column has been eliminated entirely, while work and commuting takes up half of the day. What happened? Work happened. I go to a job that sucks, then I come home to nobody that does. On top of that, after spending about an hour preparing dinner and eating it alone(which is actually the highlight of my day), I tinker on the computer and chat online for about 3-4 hours before I go to sleep because I'm too damn tired to do anything else. And this is just so that I can wake up the next day, ready to repeat this 12 hour workday! Now to show you why this sucks for me, I need to delve a bit deeper into what makes Kyung who he is. So here is Figure C below.

This is what fills my head, seen sized by percentage. Note that work fills less than 5% of my thoughtspace, but in my real day-to-day grind, it takes about 50% of my day, and over 70% of my hours spent awake. Figure C also shows that about 40% of my thoughtspace is filled with sex - yet there is no sex present in my daily grind! And I don't even have to mention the boobies.

Where is my projected life of sex, women, booze, and money that I was promised in college? Where?! I want what I was promised, dammit!!

I guess I can't complain though, I do have a job where I can make stupid pages like this and use $5k software to make pie charts while getting paid for it. Hmm...

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