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We Study Senate Votes (Aurora)

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Wolf Papers LLC
www. wolfpapersllc . com

Our Mission:
We analyze data for decision-makers and the general public to keep you informed.

A few upfront questions about us?
Why create the website? Because we have a passion for analyzing data and we wanted to help others understand how the U.S. Senate votes on issues.

What is unique about the analysis that couldn’t be found in public records? We take raw data and create usable information that is easy to access.

What are we working on today?
Today, we are studying votes where we analyze legislation, assign a rating system to senators to rank them. We narrow a watch list of 50 or less senators so that you could track their votes. By ranking senators and narrowing the list, we save time and resources for our subscribers. In other words, we identify 25 on the Republican right and 25 on the Democrat left that you do not need to track because we know how they will vote. And then we identify approximately 50 or less in the middle that you may want to track their votes.

Key features include:
- Provide detailed legislative vote analysis on the issues like the economy, health care etc.
- Allow subscribers to discern how a senator is going to vote on an issue.
- Analyze the depth of an issue by looking at all the amendments and bills.
- Analyze the breadth of an issue by looking at years 2005 to 2020, includes predecessors.
- Assign a rating to each senator similar to an academic transcript’s overall score.

What are our plans for the future?
Our ambitions for the future are to analyze other data like sports, movies or school rankings.

Other services offered?
We also offer management consulting analyzing data for corporations in need of our services.

We have a newsletter:
We have an email newsletter that circulates twice per week with detailed voting records of senators and may include other usable Senate information.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect official government policy or position. The information is intended for the general public to track votes/legislation. We are not affiliated with any lobbying organization or formal group entities.

Wolf Papers LLC
www . wolfpapersllc . com
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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