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💻Text: 415-617-9290 Website Development, Web Design, $100 Website! DC (Washington)

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Hello! Thank you for reviewing my advertisement. I make awesome websites and do everything related to the internet. My rates are reasonable. Please text me with the task you are looking to get performed and I can give you a quote.

Linkedin: You are welcome to connect with me on Linkedin:

For immediate assistance, please text 415-617-9290

More about me:

I have worked with all different types of businesses. At the time I am writing this advertisement, I have worked with over 300 different types of companies, have taught classes to thousands of students in San Francisco and I have taught classes to over 70K students online. I have created 2 different technology companies from scratch and I have helped 3 different startups raise over $50M in funding. I work with, connect with and speak to businesses all the time. So, if you connect with me, then there is a high possibility that I might have solved a similar technological problem in the past. I have an introductory video on my personal website that you can see to learn more about me:

Don't wait! Text me!

Text to: 415-617-9290

Some of the services:

Here is an overview of some of the services that I offer:

The $100 website:

You might have been intrigued by the $100 web development website special. I would love to make you an awesome website at a very low price. Please text me at 415-617-9290 to get started. This website is an excellent solution for individuals and organizations that currently do not have an internet presence. You will get a lot more than just a website for your $100. You will be impressed with what you get for $100.

Web Development Service:

You will be amazed at what you get for $100. However, if your needs are greater than the $100 option, then I have solutions that will fit your specific goals. I am a programmer and I solve everyday problems through programming. So, I do work with internet-related tasks of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of if your internet needs are of the enterprise level, the small business level or the individual level, I can meet them through my programming skills.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

One of the best services I offer is SEO. Websites are going up on the internet all the time. For a website to get visitors it needs to perform a thorough Search Engine Optimization. This means that the website needs to be properly cataloged on the internet such that it has users visiting it regularly. If the website is not cataloged with the search engines then it will not show up in search results. I specialize in making your website thoroughly visible online.

IT Technical support:

I offer physical, digital and remote technical support. Meaning, that I can come to your office and solve your technical challenges, I can solve your technical issues online and I can also set the work up such that I am remotely logging into your system and work on your task as if I was physically present at your office.

Website Maintenance and Management:

If you are not getting the most value out of your website then this service is for you. Some of the issues that I specifically address in relation to website management include increasing the speed of the website, solving JavaScript Errors, changing the design, solving for almost any type of error, increasing traffic to the website, migrations and more. The website management service specifically covers your Webmaster needs, website analytics, and getting found on Google needs.

Increasing traffic to your business:

The ultimate challenge for any online business is to get customers and keep them. There are many online tools available to increase traffic on your website without breaking your bank. I am experienced in getting customers for my clients by utilizing tools that are not readily available to everyday internet users. I also offer a monthly membership service where your marketing is pooled in with the marketing for other businesses and thus you gain the benefit of having a large marketing agency at a low price.

Ugly website issue:

Worry no more, I can make your website beautiful. If your website is already made and you are wanting to give it a facelift. Then I am happy to do that for you.

Social Media Marketing:

The service I offer for social media marketing is more detailed and complex than what you would find at a digital marketing agency. With my social media marketing service, you start building online assets that you can use in collaboration with my implementation. The main difference being, that there you have a lot more control over your social media campaigns if you run them through me in contrast to if you ran them through a digital marketing company.

Digital marketing service:

You have seen that TV show "Mad Men". The show is based around a marketing company. Imagine having a similar at a price you can afford. As a customer, it is important that you realize that the internet is based on code and the glitz and glamour are not relevant to the world of programming. So, working with me is like working with the individual behind the scene. I am not here to woo you with my words, I am here to woo you with my work. Before you go off and spend thousands of $$$$ on a digital marketing agency, connect with me and I will be able to give you the same exact service at the fraction of the cost. On a daily basis, I build the internet. So, do you want to work with the person who actually builds the internet or do you want to work with someone who works with someone else who works with some who builds the internet?
As I have mentioned in the advertisement before, your success is my success.

Website design:

A sleek design makes all the difference for a website. And interestingly enough, this is the service where every designer has a unique style. I am a designer myself and I also work with other designers to create beautiful designs. After working with so many different clients, I have come to the conclusion that you should always try different designs before you make the final product. So, if you want to fully benefit from a high-quality design then start working with me as soon as possible. I will not just design your website myself, I will also get other designers to submit their work so you end up with the highest quality solution possible. As a note from experience, I recommend always having more than 1 design to choose from.

Online Marketing:

This online marketing service is different from the Digital Marketing service. I also run Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Yelp and affiliate marketing campaigns. the main difference between the Online Marketing service and the Digital Marketing service is that with the online marketing service, you pay a monthly retainer and then all the remaining costs are a passthrough and thus it is up to you as to how much you would like to spend every month on advertising.

Online Sales:

Do you have an awesome product that you would like to sell online? Please send me the details and I will help you launch your product like a pro. I have experience in launching digital products around the world.

Writing Services:

I work with native English speakers. Most of the writers I work with have degrees in the English language and have experience in writing for online publications. The content created by these individuals is of the highest caliber. I also offer average writing services which are from non-native English speakers. We can discuss which route will work better for you.

Content creation:

I create content myself and I also have a network of creative writers, producers, and artists that I work with. If you send me the details of what you are searching for in the text, I will very quickly be able to inform you of the solutions that I offer as it relates to your particular need.

Lead Generation:

I offer a lead generation service to longterm clients. The lead generation solutions are custom made and require at least a 6-month commitment through which I work closely with your business in setting up systems that will automatically generate leads for you.


I offer managed hosting that has more options than you will find if you went to a consumer-facing hosting company. The difference between the hosting I offer and the hosting a consumer will purchase on their own is that I have more options and more detailed features. This hosting is not available on a business to consumer basis. You will be getting access to it because you would be purchasing it through me. Let's say, it is the "Cosco" of hosting services.

New business, small business, restaurants:

If you have a business where you are in need of an online presence that you can refer your customers to then I have a very reasonably priced solution for you. With this solution, you can continue your business as usual and I will do the management of your online presence. This way you can continue to focus on delivering high-quality service to your clients while being confident that all of your internet needs are being met 24/7.

Contact information:


Email: mouthwashinfo [AT]

Text: 415-617-9290

Please text to get the conversation started.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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