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Warning. Yes, a warning on Craigslist...
This is a long read.
But we're talking about your business, so consider this a very expensive, free, consultation.

So, Hello!

I appreciate you diving into my ad. My name is Sean. Nice to partially eMeet you... So, I've always said, "I'm a businessman first, and a web developer second". So if you're a businessman (or woman!), and you've been looking for another business person to help guide you through internet development and everything from website design to marketing, look no further...

To answer some of my most common questions first; Yes, I am in the US. I'm originally from NH, Born in CA. Been in the business- marketing and sales space for about 24 years, I've moved around FL, CA, TX, and am now living in Northern VT. I'm an Leo, 46 years old, Remarried, have a beautiful daughter named Mariah, my son Nick 2 dogs Rex and Rayna, 26 chickens and a partridge in pair tree. Once we talk, you will see, English is the only language I speak and I've found that business is a unviersal language it's all about Relationships. I've run and arranged distribution channels overseas I've owned (and own) multiple companies, from a swim instruction and water safety company called Teach America To Swim, a non-profit called Expanding Minds, INC., a dog breeding company, window tinting, co-owner of Michael Keller Painting, marketing firms, I'm a licensed Realtor in four states, and a private pilot.

At the end of the day, I've learned to sell the golden egg, marketing. You can get into and own whatever business you want, as long as you can market it. If you can't get the phone to ring (or hire someone who can), you're honestly shit outta luck. Because at the end of the day, I promise you, your competitors will.

So, plain and simple, my inability to work for others, leads me to work for myself. However, I very much enjoy the variety of helping business owners in a slough of industries. Keeps me interested. It's exciting for me. I've come to not even be able to work for my own companies for too long before I plan my exit strategy!

Point is this - if you clicked on this ad, I can only assume you're interested in increasing your sales. And that's good. I'll throw this out there, too. If you don't understand that it takes money to make money, I'm not the guy for you. I value my time above and beyond anything else. I don't bat an eyelash at charging $150 - $200/hr for just consulting over the phone. Granted, Italians talk fast and loud, so it's certainly a value. But I'm not charging for consultations right now because I'm in search of a few clients who want to go the full way… When I make you money, you will have no problem hooking me up, right? Fair enough?

Also, I need to add this, too. And I always find this, well, a little disheartening... Please don't contact me and tell me you're happy with the amount of business you already have and you only want me to build a website for you... Not for me. And I get that too often. Also, if you haven't considered a budget for your project, the project being to increase sales, let me stop you here as well. From soup to nuts, depending on your industry and where in the process we need to start, please be working with a budget in the 2 to 3K range, for starters. It's very industry dependent, but if someone else is willing to take less, I can guarantee you they will not deliver results.

So let's start with websites; If you don't have a website, we need to start you there. Now, I don't care if you want to only spend $500 on a site and want it done in 48 hours, or if you want a site that has dancing unicorns that shit rainbows... I can help you. The site really doesn't matter all that much. It needs to convey information, be marketable, and GET THE PHONE TO RING. So as long as it doesn't look like it's from the 90's, it'll work just fine. I don't recommend the shitting rainbows website, but if you are hell-bent on a dancing website, I still got you covered. All of my websites are mobile enabled (cell phones), and are very easily editable. They are built on a drag and drop platform. Why is this important? Well, if I crash my airplane (I can hear my mom yelling now), you will still have the ability to get on there and make changes yourself... Even if you've never touched a website before. It's drag, and drop. Click, and edit. Hit publish, changes made. Your business doesn't have to suffer because your "Web Guy" is unreachable. I deliver that.

Now, If you already have a website, great...

Once we've built your website (or you have one), we establish a baseline. That is, your overall online presence... Are you on Google? Are you on Google Maps? Do you have a Google Business page? Why is Google so important...? Because 87% of searchers use Google. Do you have 30 reviews or less? Why? Are you verified correctly on the maps? We'll fix all that...

Next. Do you have a social presence? Oh, you hate Facebook? I don't care... Welcome to 2020. I don't care if you don't think social media platforms are important, even if you're in the funeral business - they are. Why? Because Google knows whether or not you have them. They add 'ranking power' and accolades to your business. You don't think you can keep them up? Me neither. Good thing some nerdy kid developed a world class piece of software we can set up that automates your posts for months over all social media platforms that matter, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc...

Moving on to the fun stuff now… Getting clients now. Are you running ads? We will discuss whether your business is more likely to do better on Facebook, YouTube, or Google. Then, you might have heard the term SEO get thrown around. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a clients LATER strategy form of marketing. Yes, it's keywords, backlinks, citations - I can get technical all day. But it takes time for Google to read (or what's called 'crawl') your website to pick up on these words... When you formulate an ad campaign, we're telling Google, for example, we don't have time to wait! Get me on the top of the damn searches today! Some of my expertise is in the ad design and placement to drive conversations... That is, get you the most bang for your buck.

So now that we have all this, it's a real waste to neglect the data you're collecting. So we will set up tracking triggers, such as Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics, so you and I can watch exactly what's going on out there. We will then use this data, such as your current and potential clients' emails, to develop email marketing campaigns. These campaigns have been next-leveled with software lately. Waterfall campaigns, email drips, SMS texts, voicemail drops... The list goes on and on.

So to summarize, when you work with me, I'm essentially handing you a business in a box. Whether you're selling windows and doors, or yoga lessons. Coffee cups, or lawn care. Whether you're an attorney, or you create custom trade show booths... I can, and we will, do it all.

Business Consulting.
Marketable Website.
Payment Portals.
Google Listings.
Social Networks.
Email Campaigns.
Review Management.
Logo and Graphic Design.
Vanity Phone Numbers.
Some or all... I can even help with legal entity formation.

I know what my job is. To make your phone ring. And I promise you this, my bill, is what pays the bills. Period. So if you've read this far, which I know not everyone will, I think we need to chat. So shoot me an email on here, or call or text my cell at (802) 266-2090. It's OK to text or call me between 8am and 9pm EST, but please, that is my cell phone. If I can't answer I’m most likely on the phone, so please leave your name, number, and what time is best to reach you, if not right away.

I hope this ad was helpful, and even made you chuckle a little… I’m serious about my money, but life’s a little short to walk around with a stick up there. No?

I'm ready to get to work! So let's go!

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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