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Photoshop Master: Photo Restoration, Graphic Work, or Crazy Memes (Washington, Maryland, Virginia)

I'm a professional graphic artist and web developer, offering my world-spanning skills to you.
All images attached are my own work, except the redeye example.

$20: Basic fixes like general image color and lighting, removing mild blur or small blemishes
$30: Bigger fixes like serious color issues, major blemishes, simple object removal
$40: Merging two similar pics where different people are blinking/whatever, removing major objects from image, simple background changes
$50+: Compositing (Like the fancy images in the examples above, which are all my own work)

Easy pay with PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or BitCoin and certain other cryptocurrency.
Bulk discount for multiple pics that need similar treatment.
Also willing to do editing in trade for some skill, item, or service I need...

I can:
  • Smooth cellulite, fix thinning or messy hair, eliminate acne. Fix someone blinking or opening their mouth, fix hair, change body shape, alter chest or butt size, add muscle, remove pounds, fix teeth, hide things out of place in the pic.
  • Remove even impossibly placed watermarks. Change pictures of documents to add, remove, or change information.
  • Neatly remove people from a pic so it looks like they were never there. Don't have to send people the pic with your ex crossed out, how embarrassing!
  • Merge two or more bad photos to a single good one. For example in one pic Bob is blinking, in the other sally is strangling her brother. In the final pic, the smiling parts are combined and all three are perfect.
  • Clean up that old, faded, or mis-colored pic of great grandma. Or even colorize it. Or did a flood, fire, mould, or rough handling damage your favorite family photos? I can probably restore them more than you'd've hoped.
  • Move YOU to a completely different photo. Maybe you forgot to get a pic of you kissing at the Eiffel Tower, or you want a photo of yourself giving Neil Armstrong bunny ears on the moon. I'm not kidding, I can do that last one, too. Great for cosplay: Imagine putting yourself into a scene from your favorite show!
  • Speaking of exotic fun, I can give you real-looking butterfly wings and leopard spots in a photo, or a tattoo and dueling scar. Or remove them, if you already have them. (If you have butterfly wings, PLEASE let me see them IRL!)
  • Discreet photo editing for your romantic or dating activities, even nude or naughty.
  • Also a competent photographer with a quality DSLR camera.

Improve Your Social Media Presence with by improving your look in images, or creating whole new ones.
Want text added to a pic? A logo designed? Meme created? Collage assembled? Wedding or memorial graphics?

I do these things all the time.
  • it's ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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