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Documentary Film/Video Project "Raw Vote" Looking for Crew/Sponsors (DC Metro Area)

compensation: Up to $500.00/day Deferred for camera ops with equipment, pre-production intern 50/day deferred see ad for other

Sponsors/Donors/Cast/Crew/Volunteers/Interns Needed for Short Documentary Film/Video about the voter suppression that took place during the 2016 presidential election. Will also focus on how Donald Trump rose to power through Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania failing to count democratic votes. This is non-partisan project. Film teams will be assembled to do a lot of pre-production research on gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the Russian Hacks that took place in 2016. url:

Will also cover how Trump was illegitimately appointed by the electors in 2016 and his attempts to be appointed to power again through the electors in 2020. Entry fee of $75.00 applies to cover the cost of reviewing your application and background checks. up to 300/day-500.00/day deferred, if our project is aired on network television. Film teams will be assembled to shoot footage of the various voter suppression tactics used and interviews will be conducted with computer scientists, media outlets, news footage will be researched and assembled, and new footage filmed. Will also be able to put together your own short film and video sketch footage, video scenes, and video shots, and if used will get a commission of 10% if the footage is used.

Can provide stock footage for commissions. Film crew needed to assemble stock footage, shoot new footage, shoot reenactments as well and may make commission. Film crews have option to enter their own short documentary story telling of the voter suppression in 2016 and beyond that takes place during presidential elections, congressional elections, senatorial elections, and other political elections, or just provide footage for commissions. Sponsors/Donors can get their product/services/screen credit in our project and up to 10% commission of total sales the project generates on television and online.

Low/No Budget film Positions needed All positions without equipment up to $50-$75/day deferred

-Preproduction Interns
-Political Media Reps needed to pass out fliers
-Location Managers
-Location Scouts
-Video Editors
-Script Writers
-Storyboard Artists
-Director of Photography
-Production Interns
-Production Managers
-2D/3D Animators
-Hair Make-up
-Fundraisers and more!

Production Company is also looking for the following Freelance

Freelance News Crew and Street Team Needed for Spec News Productions and Political Ad Buys

-RJ Production Company needs New Crew and Video Production Team with equipment needed for Spec Guerrilla Style shooting for undercontruction blog being self-financed by RJ Production Company. Funding is not is place so deferred pay of $95.00/day is being allotted (for payable within 45 day-65/day or more contingent our fundraising)

- Prosumer and Professional and Consumer camcorders such Sony HDR FX7, EX1, Sony FDR AX 100, Sony XA 50, and some other camcorders. Camera Operators with equipment will make up to $500/day deferred.

- News crews will conduct onsite interviews of the health department, closures of business due to roll back of reopening during this pandemic, coverage restaurant hour changes, cuts to metro, services etc. Everything must be shot guerilla style since, we are unable to obtain a permit for every speculative news coverage that takes place.

The following people needed

-Social Media and Blogging Interns to create blogs for speculative news content. up to $50/day deferred.

- Freelance Social Media Experts to create social media pages on facebook, instagram, twitter, and go fundme pages to raise funding for the speculative news blog and news production website

-Street promoters needed to raise funding for speculative news coverage of the Pandemic and how it is also affecting the economy businesses, creating lock downs, and effected the United States and the DMV (DC Metropolitan Area- District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia). Also need street team promoters to raise funding for political ads that will run on social media including Subtitle topics tell the senate to pass sweeping legislation including another stimulus package,

-Production Interns and Production Assistants to aid with crew with lifting camcorders and carrying around filming signs on post boards and film slates and talent releases for on-camera subjects (College Credit for interns, copy, credit, meal). Pays Deferred pay of $50.00 for Freelance Production Assistance

-Pre-production Interns needed for media writing, news script writing, finding news stories in the DMV (college credit, copy, credit meals) small intern stipend of $50.00 deferred pay

-On- Camera Talent needed (screen credit deferred pay of $50.00/day)

-Social media interns also needed to create a business facebook page for RJ Production Company.

News coverage and Political ad fundraising will be done to also raise funding for "Raw Vote"

-Fundraisers will make 20% commission of sales. So, if generate 10,000 in sales will make $2,000 per project deferred flat fee.
-Will also do speculative news coverage of Outfront Media and Display ads

-Also need pre-production interns to research companies and individuals willing to be interviewed on news stories regarding how The Senates failure to pass the Heroes Act has affected their them emotionally, socially, and economically.

-Street Team promoters also needed to help raise funding for RJ Production Company speculative pandemic news blog that will incorporate photos, multimedia graphics, and video content, and writing for the media content. Will make 15/hr deferred

Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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