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GUITAR LESSONS For The Hopeful (Hopeless?) Beginner/Int (NW DC)


I'm a singer and songwriter with over thirty years of performance experience, and I have been teaching guitar to all ages since 2005. For the first five years I taught at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, as well as out of my home. I now reside in the Kent neighborhood of NW DC next to Spring Valley (M4/D4 bus routes and close to Tenleytown Metro and AU) and teach exclusively out of my home there(online lessons available, see below). Parking is a breeze, and if you are a parent, you are welcome to wait comfortably on site while your child works with me.

Beginners are taught to form the 15+ primary or open position chords and to play some basic rhythm/strum patterns. Some light music theory is also introduced so that you can find your way around a song. This is nothing too complicated, but well worth storing on your personal hard drive. I just want my students to recognize that the chord changes in a song are not random (usually) and to understand what it means when somebody says a song is in a particular "key." This is the primary focus of my lessons: HOW to PLAY a SONG! Not part of a song, not just the cool riff, but the whole damn song!

Your family, friends, neighbors and all future listeners will thank me. I consider my practice to be in "campfire guitar," meaning that my goal for you is to be able to lead a group in a song, as well as follow songs led by others. We can also work on your singing for those interested in putting voice and guitar together. I've had great success getting students to open up voices that have never been shared with others before. Can't guarantee that everybody will thank you for "sharing," but at least we'll have a good time getting you there.

For those with a little more experience I can offer my skills as a long time performer to get you ready for an open mic or other performance situation. Not comfortable with a microphone? I can plug you in to my PA at home and help get you comfortable in an amplified situation. I can record you as well so that you can mark your progress and hear how truly amazing? you sound, now that the mysteries of the guitar have been revealed to you (no extra charge for revelations as long as you share them with me).

So. Bottom line...I'm experienced, positive, vetted, and flexible on scheduling, with day and evening hours available. You can look me up through my website, SILKYDAVE.COM. Please feel free to email me directly through this post(I don't check my website mail regularly), if you have additional questions or would like to schedule a lesson. You can also look me up as the former owner of Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown. We sold the business in January 2020(whew!), but there are numerous articles online that will verify my public profile(never hurts to be too careful/diligent to check folks out.)
PS Since the beginning of the pandemic I have switched to online lessons via Skype, and it has worked better than expected with all my students. As DC continues to reopen, I will be offering social distancing lessons(for students who wish to partake) on my backyard patio which allows for 10 plus feet of proper social distancing.

Thanks, David

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