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DC LSAT Tutor - Harvard Law Grad (Farragut Square NW)

Professional, effective, friendly one-on-one in-person LSAT tutor and law admissions counselor - the best in DC.

Former instructor for the premier national LSAT prep course; have tutored thousands of students, 1-on-1 in person at my downtown DC (Farragut Sq.) office, and hundreds more via Skype - with unparalleled results. Consultant to a leading national LSAT publisher.

Instruction can involve a basic introduction to the exam, thorough grounding in every question type, or focus on one particular area of the exam you may be having trouble with. My students include both 'refugees' from large commercial courses who feel they have not made sufficient progress previously, and complete beginners who need a solid grounding in the basics before setting off on a course of guided self-study.

I teach my students how a basic working knowledge of formal and informal logic will enable them to extract the structure of any argument from any passage, no matter how dense the verbiage, to pinpoint fallacies and identify the unique credited answer choice that the test-maker is using every trick to conceal. Complicated logic games will burn precious time until you have the experience and confidence to size up any style and proceed efficiently, doing only the work that is necessary to find the right answer.

Once you have the basics down, our meetings consist of my explaining the questions that you have been unable to figure out after review on your own, with suggestions of additional material for reinforcement as necessary.

I'm a DC attorney, with a JD from Harvard Law, class of 2000.

I myself went from a 162 (87th %) to a 173 (99.3rd %) score in 6 weeks, so I know that hard work and effective instruction is the key to beating this grueling test.

That year, 114,000 people took the LSAT. If I had been satisfied with a score of 162, almost 15,000 applicants would have applied with a better score, and I would have attended the regional state school where I went undergrad.

But because I was willing to prepare diligently, only 700 applicants received a better score, and I was able to turn down offers of admission and full-tuition scholarship money from top-10 schools that I could only dream about, just weeks before.

If you want the tools to produce similar improvement, and reliable counseling on how to gain admission to top-10 law schools from someone who actually did it, e-mail me in order to learn more about my credentials and method of instruction.

The first meeting is free, with no obligation to continue.

If you don't decide that I am capable of helping you raise your score, I will have bought you a coffee or soft drink and you'll still have learned something useful about how to prepare properly.

If you take me on as your tutor, I charge $150 per hour, with significant discounts available for prepayment of multiple hours.

You spent many thousands in tuition to obtain the best undergraduate education possible, then spent 4 years, grinding away to keep up your GPA.

Given the nature of the legal job market for the foreseeable future, it is more essential than ever that you gain admission to the top possible schools.

Why would you even consider risking a mediocre LSAT score by using inferior methods and amateur instructors, when the LSAT can count for much more than half of your law school admissions chances?

When you are ready to get serious and take charge of your admissions destiny, e-mail me. After the free first meeting, you'll recognize the importance of having my crucial experience guide you through every stage of this process.

There are plenty of amateurs and retreads from Kaplan, Princeton Review, and other substandard courses out there, but there is simply no better LSAT tutor and Admissions Counselor in DC.

My tutoring and admissions-consulting students from the most recent application cycles are attending Yale, Harvard, UVA, Georgetown, Columbia, NYU, Chicago, Michigan, and other top schools.

Where do you want to go?

Here are some testimonials from my students:

"I just got my LSAT score and ended up with a 177!
I’m thrilled.
Thank you so much for your support and help."

Sara B., Actual LSAT score: 177

"Hi Nick! Just wanted to let you know that I got a 173!
I'm so thrilled with that score, and so thankful for your help!"

Emily M., Actual LSAT score: 173

"Nick - how are you? Hope you're doing well!
Not sure if you heard my voicemail, but I got a 174! 99th percentile!"

Sol K., Actual LSAT score: 174
Accepted at Yale, Stanford, Harvard, NYU (full tuition), Columbia (full tuition), Berkeley, Georgetown, UCLA

"Hi Nick,
Just found out I got into Stanford!!!
Thank you so much for all your help and advice throughout the process!"

Mary M., Accepted at Stanford, Virginia (full tuition)

"I want to thank you again for all of your help. I certainly couldn't have done it without you."

Alan S., Actual LSAT score: 172

"Just left you a voicemail but thought you might want to see this :)
Your February 20xx LSAT score is 177. The percentile rank is 99."

Val Y., Actual LSAT score: 177
Accepted at Harvard, NYU (+ scholarship)

"Hi Nick- just got my LSAT score back and got a 170. Very happy with the result. Thank you again for your help!"

Josh R., Actual LSAT score: 170

"I'm very happy - I wanted to thank you for all your help."

Nikki S.
Accepted at Yale

"I wanted to let you know that I've gotten good news already from both
Harvard and Michigan! Michigan has also invited me to apply
for the Darrow Scholarship. I'll keep you posted as other news comes in,
but didn't want to wait to pass these bits along. Many thanks, as always,
for all the awesome help you've given me!"

Mike D., Actual LSAT score: 173 (up from 160 in 5 lessons)
Accepted at Harvard and Michigan

"Hi Nick!
I just received this email today and wanted to share with you my good news. I got a 175!
I could not have done this without all your help.
Nick, thank you so much for the wonderful tutoring you provided me.
I am certain I could not have achieved this score without your guidance.
In no way did I expect to raise my 163 to a 175.
You gave me not only the skills but the confidence I needed to succeed at this test."

Rachel E., Actual LSAT score: 175
Accepted at Georgetown, UVA, GW, Harvard

"170 - a big step up from where I was before we started, Thanks!"

Jonathan H., Actual LSAT score: 170

"Dear Nick,

I hope you've been well! I just want to let you know that I was just admitted to
Harvard Law School! Thanks so much for your insight and guidance
on my resume and personal statement. I shudder to think what I would've
submitted if you hadn't looked them over."

Lin X., Admissions Counseling client
local state school grad, Accepted at Harvard

"Got an acceptance letter from Georgetown on Thursday night -
thought I should let you know...
and Harvard today!"

Jon S., Actual LSAT Score: 173

"Hey Nick,
I hope all's going well for you! I have good news to deliver.
So I got a 178 on the LSAT I took in Sept.
I was really excited/surprised to receive the score because
I didn't think I had done so well : )
Thanks Nick!"

Kelly C., Actual LSAT score: 178

"Hi Nick,
I just wanted to let you know that I got a 172 on my LSAT,
so I'm very pleased and wanted to thank you for your help."

Donna H., Actual LSAT score: 172

"Hi Nick:
I thought I would update you on my LSAT status. I ended up waiting until December
to take the exam and I am glad I did so--I got a 174 and was very happy.
Immediately after getting my score back I turned in my applications so now I am just waiting!
Thank you for all of your help, I think the services you provide are
excellent. Best of luck to you and yours in 2015!"

Katherine G., Actual LSAT score: 174

"Hey Nick,
I got my LSAT score: 172. (3 wrong on RC, 2 and 3 on LR, and 0 on AR)
I'm very happy and relieved. Thanks again for all your help."

Ben M., Actual LSAT score: 172

I wanted to write and tell you good news! I found out yesterday
that I was accepted at the University of Virginia! I applied early
decision. I received a phone call yesterday and I am still in
complete disbelief! I also wanted to thank you so much for your help
throughout this process -- I am so thrilled to be done!"

Julie J., Accepted at UVA

"Hey Nick -- wanted to let you know that I hit my score goal of 170
on last month's LSAT! I'm happy with the score and credit you
with helping me get it. Thanks!"

David M., Actual LSAT score: 170

"Thanks to your help, I got a 175!
Thank you again for the tips and materials!!!

Josh M., Actual LSAT score: 175

"Hey Nick, so with scores out yesterday looks like I got a 171,
which I'm very happy about.
Couldn't have done it without your help, so thanks so much."

Pete G., Actual LSAT score: 171

"Hey Nick, hope all is well. I just left you a voicemail, but I wanted
to be sure you knew that I got a 176 on my December test.
Once again, thanks for all your help these past few months."

Ben C., Actual LSAT score: 176

"Dear Nick,
I got into Harvard Law!!!!!
Thank you so much for all of your help with the LSAT and applications,
I couldn't have done it without you."

Claire H., Actual LSAT score: 170. Accepted at Harvard

"Hi Nick,
I wanted to let you know that I got a 172 on my LSAT.
I am very happy and I wanted to thank you for all your help.
Studying with you made a huge difference."

Sam D., Actual LSAT score: 172

"First, let me thank you for your help during that last week.
You were generous with your time and I certainly appreciated it.
As I'm sure other students have told you, you were pretty spot on
with what the games would be. Going over some of those games
in that last week was invaluable as I was fully prepared and ended
up getting only 1 wrong (in the Games section).
I ended up with a 170. It is a huge relief, and it means I at least get to play.
It was important to me to at least have a fighting chance at some of the
schools I truly wanted to go to." (student needed to overcome low GPA)

Brandon S., Actual LSAT score: 170

"I came to Nick having gone through significant self-study and
a full group course by one of the leading test-prep factories,
with a score that seemed to stagnate no matter how many prep-tests
I took. After three sessions with him, he homed in on a fundamental
issue with how I was attacking the questions I got wrong most often.
The advice, strategy, and tactics he put at my disposal pulled my score
to where I knew it needed to be on the very next practice test, and the
numbers rang true through the real thing. Nick is a true Mentor; his
wisdom and experience were a decisive advantage throughout the
entire application process."

Justin K., Actual LSAT score: 176

"I read about Nick online while I was studying for the LSAT and having
trouble with a particular type of logic game. He knew exactly what my
problems were and how I could improve - something the commercial LSAT
class that I was taking could not do. Nick knows every kind of LSAT
question and the best strategies for improving on each. You will not
be able to raise your score this much with a class, and I doubt there
is a more knowledgeable or helpful tutor out there anywhere."

Mark S., Actual LSAT score: 170

"I decided to go to law school at the age of 60. As a psychiatrist
And psychoanalyst, I wanted to find an LSAT tutorial that was
individualized, one that could catalyze my personality and capacities
into potential exam performance. I researched a lot of programs
and was delighted when I found Nick. He is no-nonsense, dedicated
and supportive. He understood how to target his teaching to make
LSAT learning work for me - as much as I was trying to master it.
I recommend him highly!"

Richard A., Accepted at Georgetown Law

"Hi Nick. I just wanted to let you know that I got admitted
to Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Thanks so much for your help
on the LSAT and resume; it obviously paid off. I appreciate
what you did for me ... The resume help was crucial, since
I was practically flying blind before you came along.
Thanks again, and have a great spring!"

Jon Z., Actual LSAT score: 180. Attending Yale Law School

"I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for your help
in studying for my LSATs. I got my score a couple weeks ago
and I was very pleased with a 173. Your recommendations and
advice were a great help and I am certainly indebted to you for it.
I hope all is well and that you had a great holiday."

Ryan T., Actual LSAT score: 173

"170 baby! and thanks for all your help throughout the process! "

Joseph K., Actual LSAT score: 170

"Nick, I got my LSAT score - 170! - I'm tremendously excited!!
Thanks again for helping me through this."

Jason K., Actual LSAT score: 170. Accepted at GWU, Georgetown,
Columbia, and others.

"I was very happy with my experience with Nick, and I was happy with
the score I ended up getting. Nick knows literally all the old tests
very well, and he knows exactly which questions are throwing everyone
off, and he will always point those out to you. He tells you exactly
what you're up against in getting to your target score."
I'd definitely recommend him."

Michael L., Actual LSAT score: 172

"I am so grateful to have had you there at every stage of the game.
Your strategies, tips, and timely feedback were crucial to my success
in gaining admittance to great schools! Of course I will pass on your
name to anyone I meet looking for premier LSAT tutoring.
Thanks a million."

Justin S., Actual LSAT score: 169

"I have greatly appreciated the input, instruction, and advice that
Nick has given me. Largely because of the help I received from Nick,
my practice test scores went from 164 to 180 in the time that I worked
with him. He cares about others and honestly enjoys teaching. He wants
you to do well."

Ryan F., Actual LSAT score: 176. Accepted: Virginia, Chicago,
Columbia, NYU, Michigan

"Nick has done his homework. His knowledge of which types of
questions are likely to show up on the LSAT helped me to take it
without getting flustered, which was my main problem. I also
appreciated his help with planning my law school application and
brainstorming for my essay."

Samantha C., Actual LSAT score: 180. Accepted: Harvard

"Nick's help was unbelievably beneficial. When we first met I was
scoring reasonably well through brute force, but lacked a background
in formal logic that actually proved why answer choices were correct
or incorrect. Nick gave me an understanding of the fundamentals of
conditional reasoning that allowed me to consistently know the right
answers. Whether you are just starting to prepare for the LSAT at the
beginning or are just looking to step your performance up a notch, I
think Nick would be a great asset to you."

Carla W., Actual LSAT score: 176

"Though I was skeptical about private tutoring at first, Nick quickly
made me feel at ease. He provided me with the most comprehensive test
preparation and went over practice tests with me every week. He broke
down logic games so that I could finish the problems faster and with
more accuracy. This turned out to be invaluable because I found that
my performance on this section greatly influenced my performance on
subsequent sections...
Needless to say, I couldn't have attained a final score of 173 without
Nick's help. Most importantly however his concern for my pre-law
preparation went beyond our tutoring sessions. Even after my score
came back, he has been there to answer all my annoying questions and
provide me with insider information on how to maximize my chances of

Ting C., Actual LSAT score: 173. Accepted: Georgetown, Columbia, NYU,
Berkeley, and Harvard

"Thank you so much Nick! I just wanted to let you know how much I
appreciate all your help tutoring me leading up to this test; I'm
positive that without your help I wouldn't have been able to score
this well.
... Again, thanks so much for all your help; you did an excellent job
communicating the material to me, and I'm sure I wouldn't have scored
nearly so high without your help."

Matthew B., Actual LSAT score: 171. Attending: University of Pennsylvania

"Just about to email you: 166, I'm so happy, thanks for all your help."

Lucia R., Actual LSAT score: 166
(up from 147 on the previous test in 2 months)

"Hey Nick,

I realized I never thanked you for all your guidance.
I ended up just applying to Harvard and Yale, got into both,
and decided in the end on Yale.
Hope all is well. I'm sure things are getting busy again in the world of LSAT tutoring...
Thanks again"

Mary E., Accepted at Harvard and Yale

"Thank you very much for all your help.
I truly appreciate the extra time and guidance you gave me.
I confidently applied to all my top choices and could not have done it without you.
Two months later:
I just wanted to let you know I got into Harvard today!"

Irene L., Actual LSAT score: 173
Accepted at Harvard, Columbia, NYU,
$$ at Chicago and Michigan

"I decided to take the test this June and I did very well. I got a 166, which is a huge
improvement over my first score. It's safe to say I could not have gotten such a high
score without your tutoring. Your preparation definitely showed on the logic games
section. I had struggled on that before, but I missed only 1 question on that section
of the test. Overall, I'm more than pleased by the outcome. Again, thank you very much
for your help. It certainly paid off big-time."

Andrew L., Actual LSAT score: 166

"Hey Nick,
Just wanted to let you know I got a 170 on the test! I'm just thrilled to have cracked the 170 point barrier at all,
and I think that'll give me a pretty good chance at a lot of the schools I'm looking at."

Justin N., Actual LSAT score: 170

"Hi Nick,

I am writing just to update you on my law school plans for the fall, since I'm sure you're interested in where
your students end up. I'm happy to report that my performance on the LSAT improved signficantly:
I increased my score by nine points! I was admitted to Georgetown Law, which was my top choice.
I am very excited about law school and I'm looking forward to staying in DC for school.
Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement throughout my LSAT preparation.
The application process was not easy, but I'm pleased that everything worked out in the end!"

Alex R., Accepted at Georgetown Law

"Hi Nick,

As it turns out, I will be heading west after all: I was admitted and will matriculate to Stanford Law
School in late August. I am deeply grateful to you for your help and support throughout my law
school application journey: your encouragement and wisdom has been indispensable
throughout it all. Thank you. None of this could have been possible without your
dogged efforts and warm encouragement."

Matt F., Accepted at Georgetown, Berkeley, and Stanford

"Hi Nick,

My score came in tonight. Got a 165!
That's a 13 point and 40 percentile point improvement on my previous score,
so obviously I'm quite pleased. I'm extremely grateful to you for taking me under your wing
on such short notice and for being so generous with both your time and materials.
Being the student of such an obvious master alone provided the urgency I needed to
properly prepare for this test, and more importantly the confidence I needed to give my best effort
on test day. I'm so happy I got referred to you by one of your former students."

John F., Actual LSAT score: 165 (up from 152 in 5 lessons)
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