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►►GMAT/GRE Training► by Full-Time 99th% Instructor (Washington DC, Anywhere)

I'm a full-time GMAT/GRE instructor/tutor with 99th% GMAT and GRE scores, an extensive background in teaching, and a track-record of success.   As an accomplished and dedicated educator with 15 years of experience, I take immense satisfaction in helping my students excel!  

There is no experience more rewarding than coaching a student from a place of anxiety and frustration, to confidence and mastery.  Watching my students go on to conquer the GMAT/GRE and gain admission to their dream schools is the reason I do what I do.  

(See the very bottom of this ad "ABOUT ME" to learn more about my background)   


I specialize in all things GMAT, and have made it my mission to help students navigate this logical, nuanced, quirky test. I scored a 760 (99th%) on the exam.

My Experience Includes:
- Teaching the Manhattan Prep and Veritas Prep curricula 
- Editing Official Guide questions for GMAC (the makers of the exam) 
- Writing GMAT Quantitative questions and explanations for a major test-prep company 
- Designing a comprehensive GMAT curriculum and teaching GMAT prep classes at an international school
- And finally: coaching hundreds of students on all sections of the GMAT one-on-one. 

Here are some scores my past students have achieved:
780, 770, 740, 710, 760, 690, 720, 760, 680, 720, 730, 760, 700, 710, 730, 740, 760

My students have also been admitted to top schools such as Harvard Business School, Wharton, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Kellogg and Columbia. 


We all know the importance of the GRE for admission to graduate school, and I've devoted myself to breaking down the GRE barrier for graduate applicants. 

I've designed a GRE curriculum and taught intensive (20-hr per week) GRE classes at an international school to students of all levels from around the world. I've also tutored hundreds of students on all sections of the GRE.  My students have gained admission to a wide range of programs: MBA, Policy, Economics, Applied Math, Social Work, Clinical Psychology etc.

Please write to me through the craigslist system as well as: golden cathedrals one two three four five six seven (no spacing and write the numbers in numeric form)(at geemale)(I've misspelled the word as the craigslist filter doesn't allow me to post the full name). The craigslist system is not always reliable, so by writing through 2 systems, I'm most likely to receive your inquiry.


My tutoring approach is systematic, organized, and thorough.  I can help you devise a step-by-step plan to reach your target score.

I offer:
- A Customized-Curriculum: I select a curriculum for you (from trusted names such as Manhattan and Veritas) based on
  your skill-level and other factors, and tailor and adapt it to fit your needs each step of the way 
 Note: If you've already been studying for a while and don't need a full curriculum, I can provide you with resources to
  tune-up skills in particular areas of weakness
- Targeted Homework Assignments with tons of practice problems to sharpen your skills
- Full Access to a Library of the best prep books available (no additional charge)
- Guidance and Advice from top-to-bottom on solving real GMAT/GRE questions - I help you optimize content
   knowledge, strategy, reasoning, and timing
- Performance Analytics so you can measure your improvement over time as you work with me
- Practice Test Analysis: I will do a deep-dive into your practice tests to help you understand why you're scoring as you 


P did an excellent job working with me to refine my quant strategy on the GMAT and her efforts, advice and suggestions yielded tangible improvements to my score, which improved from Q41 (43%) to Q49 (78%) from just over 2-3 weeks of prep - I enjoyed the learning process and would highly recommend making the investment and going with P. Totally worth it as she's fantastic.
660 (77th%) to 760 (99th%)! I decided to work with P on my GMAT Quant score, which started out low at 39 (39th%). She did a great job targeting things I didn't even know I was weak in, sharing resources with lots of good questions and lessons, and giving me the confidence I needed to feel like I could get a good score (that was most important of all). After 3 sessions, I brought my Quant score up to a 49 (77th%), and my overall score up from 660 to 760! I would HIGHLY recommend P if you're looking for a great tutor!  
I got a 610. Honestly, I cannot believe you helped raise my score by 60 points (550 to 610) in just two and a half weeks! I can only imagine if I worked with you longer, how well I could have done. With your help I was accepted into B-school on scholarship!
   Hi P - I wanted to thank you for your tutoring sessions a few months ago.  You got me thinking in the right direction about GMAT verbal.  I took the test today and scored a 770 (Q:50, V46)! Thanks so much!
I want to say thank you (again) for your help - I mean it when I say I literally could not have done this without you! Thank you for sticking with me, and for encouraging me through even the really, really bad sessions. I am very, very grateful!  I applied R1 to Columbia, USC, and UCLA, and was lucky to be accepted to all three! I received full-tuition scholarships to USC and UCLA!!!
I got a 760 on the GMAT! 49 on quant, 47 verbal, 8 IR. Thanks SO much for your help P! 
 P is one of the best GMAT tutors i have come across. I was struggling with my preparation for GMAT before i met her. P is an amazing teacher: she is not only extremely personable but also great at keeping the content fun and interesting. She does a great job at teaching the tricks of the trade, a lot of which there isn't time for in the online course. If you're looking to beat the GMAT, look no further than P!
The results are in! I got a 710!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 38 Verbal 49 Quant So freaking glad that I made it this high. You're the best tutor ever! Thank you so much for the help and recommendations and everything!
I got a 740! Thanks for all your help!
After only ~2 weeks of work with P, I was able to make the 20 point increase in my official score, with even greater increases in my practice test scores.  P's greatest strength is her ability to understand the student's work process and point out flaws with it, rather than relying on a canned problem explanation. This is a huge differentiating factor between P and other tutors I've worked with - she was able to help me see where I was going wrong with a particular problem which helped me to modify my thinking across problem types, rather than relying on memorized formulas or explanations. P was an amazing tutor. I was only able to work with her for a few weeks before I had to take my exam, but with more time working with her I would be able to increase my score even more. I've already recommended P to a few friends who are preparing for the GMAT and will continue to recommend her to anyone who starts prep.  During the short time I worked with P, she not only helped to tutor me, but also helped to mentor me through the GMAT process. Although I only hired her as a tutor, she was able to hone in on my anxiety over the Quant section problems and give me the confidence in my own skills that I needed to succeed on the test. I think this is a very rare quality to find in a tutor, and her help was invaluable in increasing my score. 
When I took my initial GMAT diagnostic I scored a 570. I tried studying diligently on my own for a while and saw some improvement, but after I'd achieved all the "quick fixes," I found myself hovering around the mid 600's and plateauing. When I started working with P, my scores took off - she helped me structure a tailored plan that suited my study needs and ensured that I stayed on track. After two months of working with P, I took the test and hit a personal best of 730! If I had to do the whole thing over, I'd do myself a favor and start working with P at the beginning.
Lexie -  full scholarship to Babson MBA program
Hi P: I am truly grateful to you and your teaching. In 3 weeks under your guidance, I went from a 540 to a 670! My gmat split was (GMAT 670 - Q 49, V 32). I never even expected over 25 in Verbal.  THANK YOU for all your efforts!
Within ~5 weeks I went from 620 to 710 with P's help. P is very flexible and, unlike other tutors that require problems well in advance of the session, she can still help you even if you put her on the spot with a sudden problem. I had been searching for a tutor prior to finding P. I had several sessions with another tutor, and their method wasn't anywhere near as clear or helpful as P's. P has been an incredibly helpful teacher. I highly recommended her.  
P is the perfect example of the benefits of one-on-one tutoring. She identified my personal strengths and weaknesses with diagnostic tests and came up with a targeted improvement strategy right away. We set benchmarks and reachable goals, and she pushed me to correct old poor test taking habits and develop strong new ones. 590 to 680 GMAT in ~4 months.  
Neil - admitted to Harvard Business School
Hey P - I got a 710 today! 44 on quant, 42 verbal. Thanks again for all your help!! Without your tutoring I definitely could not have upped my score this much. 
Candace - admitted to U of Chicago Booth Business School
I've been practicing today, and I just wanted to let you know, after going over combinatorics in our last session, suddenly I'm actually able to tackle these questions!! Very pleased. 
I came to P for Verbal tutoring.  I was at V 28 (52%) originally and P helped me get V 39 (89%) on the actual exam (my overall score went from 650 to 720!).  P was extremely helpful and attentive and made sure our tutoring sessions were interactive.  I felt well-prepared with the homework assignments and feedback following the practice questions.  P helped me identify my weaknesses in Critical Reasoning, and helped me improve through practice with real exam questions. The process was a massive help for me!  If you're looking for a tutor who will provide you with all the materials and guidance for preparing for the GMAT verbal, I recommend P.  
  Hi P - just wanted to let you know I scored a 720 on the GMAT the other day. Wouldn't have been able to do it without your help so really appreciate the time and the effort! 
    P is an excellent tutor. She has a lot of experience working with students and is able to quickly diagnose areas of weakness and assign work for you to improve quickly. Helped me so much with my GMAT - Thanks! 


P is an excellent GRE teacher!! I took Kaplan's GRE course and it did not help me. After many attempts to find a good GRE math teacher I found P. She is an awesome tutor, and I strongly recommend her. She is really patient! My GRE quantitative score was 151 (44% percentile), but after three months with P as a tutor I got 160!! (78th percentile). If you need a really good score on the GRE she is your best option." 
America - Admitted to Georgetown Policy Program

I had a wonderful experience with P - she was amazing! She came prepared with a customized plan that addressed my need to prepare for the exam in three weeks. While I don't recommend giving yourself only three weeks to prepare, I was very fortunate that P was able to help me in such a short time period. After 3 weeks, my Quant score went from 149 (34th%) to 155 (59th%)!  The bump in points put me right where I needed to be. I just want to add that I did get into my top pick for grad school and I felt more confident going into the interviews with solid GRE scores that were more in line with the rest of my academic achievements. Thank you again P! 
Fre'Etta - Admitted to MD Anderson Medical Physics Program
 I took the GRE a couple of hours ago and got a 168Q (95th%)/164V (94th%)! I can't thank you enough for helping me get to this point- I wouldn't have learned the nuances of the test or the most efficient solving methods without your help. 
Ram - Economics Ph.D Applicant

P and I spent only a handful of hours together, but in those few hours, the resources and strategies she provided certainly made a positive impact on my performance, as evidenced by the large jump in my Quant score!  Hearing that a subject matter expert like her believed in the skills I had was a major confidence boost.  In just under 2 weeks of prep time, I raised my score from Q157 (62nd%) to Q165 (85th%)…thank you P! 
Niki - MBA Applicant

I am so happy with the improvements I saw during our time working together!  My Quant score on a practice test before I started working with you was in the low 40's percentile-wise.  After 2 months of tutoring, I scored 159 (73rd%) on Quant and 164 (94th%) on Verbal!  I know that I would have never been able to get my scores without your help, and I sincerely appreciate it!
Julia - Admitted to UChicago Policy Program

I just took the GRE on Monday, and very fortunately got the score I wanted (Quant 162 (82nd%)/Verbal 162 (90th%)).  You have been great, and I highly recommend you!
Becca - Business School Applicant

   Thank you so much for all your help!  I received a 158 (70th%) on Quant (up from 154 (55th%)).  I'm pretty excited about my scores and would be happy to recommend you to whomever!  
Garrett - Admitted to Columbia Business School
Hi P: I wanted to let you know that I scored 153 (51st%) on Quant (up from 149 (34th%)) and 153 (60th%) on Verbal (up from 147 (34th%))!!  I am definitely happy with my scores, thank you so much for helping me raise them by 4 and 6 points in just a few weeks!
Avery - Information Technology Applicant
I upped my quant score to a 162 (82nd%) from a 156 (63rd%), and I'm very pleased!!  Thank you again for everything, couldn't have done it without you! 
Cat - Business School Applicant

Please write to me through the craigslist system as well as: golden cathedrals one two three four five six seven (no spacing and write the numbers in numeric form)(at geemale)(I've misspelled the word as the craigslist filter doesn't allow me to post the full name). The craigslist system is not always reliable, so by writing through 2 systems, I'm most likely to receive your inquiry.


I earned a B.S. in Chemical Physics from the Rice University Honors Scholar program, and won many prestigious, national and international scholarships in high school, including the Intel Science Talent Search, Intel Science and Engineering Fair, and Junior Science and Humanities Symposium ($20,000 scholarship + paid trip to London). In college, I won a research award for my work in nanotechnology, and earned a grant to write about science for high school students.

 I discovered my passion for teaching and tutoring in college.  Since then, I've taught GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT prep courses, college statistics, and high school physics and math (all levels through calculus) in a classroom setting.   I've tutored test-prep, physics, math and chemistry through the college-level.

In 2014, I transitioned into GMAT and GRE instruction full-time, and custom-wrote GMAT/GRE curricula and taught prep classes at an international school.  In 2016, GMAC and Wiley Publishing hired me to review the Quantitative  questions in the Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review 2017.  Currently, I tutor GMAT/GRE full-time.

Please write to me through the craigslist system as well as: golden cathedrals one two three four five six seven (no spacing and write the numbers in numeric form)(at geemale)(I've misspelled the word as the craigslist filter doesn't allow me to post the full name). The craigslist system is not always reliable, so by writing through 2 systems, I'm most likely to receive your inquiry.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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