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Harvard Law 179 LSAT Coach

Harvard Law graduate available for personalized 1-on-1 LSAT coaching. 179 score (50/50 in the logical reasoning section).

You will go far beyond simply explaining why the right answer is right and why the wrong answers are wrong. You will learn to break problems down to their constituent elements to identify exactly where your thinking went off-track. This will enable you to generalize the lesson learned at the appropriate level of analysis so that you can apply it to future problems that share the same underlying "template" or skill set. This will result in the fastest possible LSAT score increase, sharper reasoning in your 1L exams, and clearer thinking in your legal career.

There are four "boxes" that comprise LSAT mastery:

1. "Pure theory" (logic and reading)
2. LSAT-specific theory (e.g. causation, studies, surveys, etc.)
3. Individual (untimed) LSAT problems
4. Timed, 5-section PTs under test-like conditions

The vast majority of test prep companies focus on Box 3, simultaneously leaving students lacking in fundamental comprehension of the underlying skills being tested *and* underprepared for the endurance, discipline and time-management required to master a real LSAT. My comprehensive course shows my students how to master the entire spectrum of skills needed. You have two options: a la carte 90-minute sessions for $495 each, or a package where we do multiple sessions with me as your LSAT coach. (If we do this, you get a per-session discount, exclusive access to my comprehensive 300-page LSAT book, actionable flashcard materials for digesting dozens of logical concepts, and a customized study plan to help you reach your peak score as quickly as possible.)

My students routinely say that a few sessions with me have provided them with more value than an entire mass-market course.

I have a passion for helping dedicated students improve on this test for three reasons:

1. Two months of serious study took me from a 161 to a 179 and changed the trajectory of my life.

2. I believe this test is absolutely learnable and your return on investment is potentially massive (see above).

3. Getting better at the core skills this test measures is one of the most broadly applicable life upgrades you can acquire (whether or not you go to law school and whether or not you practice as a lawyer).

Former LSAT instructor and tutor at an elite test prep company in LA. I've also worked at a Top10 BigLaw firm as well as one of the most selective venture-backed Silicon Valley tech companies, so I'm also happy to provide law/career coaching if you are interested.

Message me for a free, quick phone consultation to see if we're a good mutual fit. Coaching sessions are done primarily online but certain packages involve co-locating for an intensive multi-day boot camp. You can also visit to read more about my approach.


Some nice things former students have said:

"Simply the best. Matt is not only an LSAT test-taking master himself but he is also a master at teaching it to others. He knows why students make certain types of mistakes and how to correct them by showing you why each right answer is correct and why each wrong answer is wrong. He also provided me with invaluable advice and holistic coaching on attacking all aspects of the test. It’s this extra boost that took me from the mid-150's (even after taking other mass-market courses) and propelled me into the high 160's and got me full scholarship offers at elite schools. I felt Matt cared deeply about me throughout the process including applications, school selection, and scholarship negotiations." -- Nate B.

Matt tutored me in preparation for the June 2014 LSAT. Prior to meeting Matt, I had taken the test and immediately canceled my score because I felt that I had failed. After being tutored by Matt, I scored a 173. With his help, I was able to tackle logic games comfortably, and saw a significant jump in my logical reasoning scores. As a result, I earned admission to a Top-20 law school with a significant merit scholarship. If I could do it all over again, I would have skipped the overpriced and overgeneralized large test prep course and worked with Matt from the beginning. He is a great resource for anyone who is ready and willing to work towards their goals. -- Taline G.

"Matt is by far the best tutor I have ever had. He is incredibly skilled at conveying complicated issues and ideas in a very clean and clear way, and is able to quickly identify areas where a test-taker can make the biggest improvement with minimal effort. Even though I had already taken the most elite LSAT prep class in Southern California, Matt still helped me improve my score by 8 points on the second try. I absolutely would not have ended up at UC Irvine Law (with a $90,000 scholarship) without his invaluable tutoring." -- Justin M.

"Matt is hands-down one of the best teachers I've ever had. He has this gift where he can sense exactly what I'm struggling with when I can't put it into words myself. Furthermore, he quickly adapts his teaching style to your learning style and makes sure he gets the point across in a way that makes sense to you. Before Matt, I was using books that claimed to be short and sweet, but Matt was able to refine these strategies to make them much clearer and easier. Best of all, Matt is very well-rounded and lively; he makes the test seem like a fun game, which implicitly makes you want to work harder without even realizing it. Sometimes he'll even drop some great life advice as well. If you have any doubts about your current study methods, save your time and go with Matt!" -- Ariana K

"I reached out to Matt because I felt like I had plateaued with my studying (I was consistently scoring -6 or -7 per LR section). By the time I was done working with Matt I was only missing a few questions throughout both LR sections combined. Additionally, Matt’s method and attitude for teaching the material and coaching me through it was the greatest benefit of it all: unlike the other course I had taken, our time spent one-on-one allowed him to identify when and where I was struggling, even if I said otherwise." -- Patrick C.

"Matt was a fantastic LSAT tutor in a one-on-one setting. He provided an organized study plan that helped me achieve my goals, and he approached the topics with dedication and precision. But equally important, Matt was easy-going, friendly, and motivating to work with. He had a positive attitude which was vitally important to me given the draining nature of LSAT preparation. I would highly recommend Matt as a tutor for the LSAT!" -- Gavin M.

"Thank you Matt! Without Matt's skillful and focused dedication to my LSAT test preparation including the application process, I would never have been accepted to a Top-60 law school with a partial scholarship. I had been out of college for about 15 years in the business world before deciding to attend law school and without Matt's help to get those extra points I would not be an attorney today." -- Jaime S.

"Matt was an excellent instructor. He was able to teach both broad foundational skills as well as specific tips and tricks to dramatically improve my LSAT score. He also succeeded in making the LSAT seem like a fun challenge instead of an insurmountable obstacle to my admission to law school. I would not have been admitted to the University of Michigan Law School without his help!" -- Tamina D.
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