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I've Never Seen A More Obviously Rigged Election (Third World America)

I personally have accepted every election result in my entire life whether I liked it or not. However I do not accept the results of this 2020 election that was just held because it was only evident there was massive fraud but the evidence of it has been overwhelming despite the media's obvious lies. The media is lying to you and they are using psychological warfare to try to make you believe their lie. I served in the military and have observed psychological warfare first hand before. They are not the watchdog of the people but rather the lap dogs of the globalists that are wanting to dominate you with communism. The media for the most part has become the enemy of the people. President Trump was right.

Here are just a few things to consider:

Software that was rigged to turn Trump votes into Biden votes
Biden wasn't popular before the election and isn't now odd then that he won hey?
Statisticians have figured out that such a vote turnaround through voting was not just improbable but statistically impossible
Trump ballots were destroyed and there are witnesses that have signed sworn affidavits to this affect
There were Fake Biden votes brought in in the wee hours of the morning and more witnesses saw this also
The Dead voted
The evidence complied is mountainous and is far to much to list

We were told to expect them to use the mail-in balloting as their vehicle of fraud so that after election day they could see which states had to be flipped to push Biden over the finish line and that's what they did. We all watched it as if it was in slow motion.

If those guilty of this election fraud are not prosecuted then we no longer have a country but rather a Banana Republic.
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