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Marxist Political Philosophy Is Based On A BULLSH!T UTOPIAN FANTASY

Facts don't care how you feel.

Take this insane Transgender issue. Based on biology there are only two sexes male and female or the Y chromosome and the X chromosome. A man pretending to be a woman is NOT a women it is a mentally ill disturbed man and those propagating this lie are called enablers.

It is the intentional destructive nature of Marxism to destroy society by means of Cultural Marxism which is a lie or by it's primary destructive agent political correctness. Yes we all know it is an insane lie but a lie non the less. Here are the facts when it comes to a mentally ill male that thinks he is a female and those that enable his mental illness. So this male even after gender re-assignment surgery cannot have a period, cannot get pregnant, cannot produce breast milk and most importantly give birth to a baby.

So how did the Marxist left jump off the science bandwagon they so eagerly claim moral superiority when it comes to climate change? Because they are hypocritical liars with double standards when something stands in the way of their Agenda to destroy America culturally.

The American family was the first but not the only American institution to come under their evil attack. You see the Marxists had always failed repeatedly in their economic system whenever and where they would implement it. This caused them to consider another option. They would infiltrate, destroy and change our culture from the inside. This is why since the 1950's we have seen such a tremendous upheaval in the demoralization of our sacred American culture.

The Marxist is an evil lying deceptive creature that is out to destroy America and from the looks of it from feminism to Transgender it has gotten quite a leg up on it. It is the ongoing battle between good and evil at it's root. You will either stand and fight for good or you will succumb to evil and allow it to overwhelm you and lose your country. The choice is yours?
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