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Democrats Are In League With The Globalist Multinational Corporations

For Democrats who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground the Democrats sold you out a long time ago. Before Trump both parties were in league with the globalist establishment but Trump realigned the Republican party to the people. Trump wouldn't play ball with the globalists traitors The Democrats blow smoke and only care about power so the went in for the Globalists. You remember them? They are the ones that sent your jobs overseas. That is what you voted for? Really smart aren't you?

Biden couldn't win the Presidency in a wet dream. Even all the other times he ran he always got a poultry 1% to 3% in the Democratic nomination process and never even got anywhere close to the nomination. This time it was rigged for him in the same type of fraud as we saw with this Presidential race. Someone else jumps out into the lead then it's all Joe from there. Democrats don't pick their candidate the globalists always do and they pick the President too. Trump was an anomaly and wasn't supposed to win and they are piss off by him. Yes Trump was the good guy and the only one fighting for the people.

Biden is a corrupt servant of the New World Order and when they say jump he asks how high. He is not even his own man and will never have the courage President Trump had to confront them or China. Joe sold out to them.

I was talking to someone that said they have the courts too and I had already suspected as much. Now we can see that is correct. They are coming for your guns and when they do it's SHTF time!

It's the one line that American patriots know you never dare cross.
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