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soooo (richmond)

Waters what about kamala Harris family owning black creoles and Africans and kids? What about prince Harry'his familyowned black slaves, what about Mohammed and hijabs and head like a raisin, not Arabs. You have done what for African Americans? How long u been in? Bidens still in the basement. Your not as popular as u think u are. Miniopolis citizens had to promise not to call police bitch, now why would a people in USA have to promise any body not to call police? They are afraid to go to parks there being told if they call cops they will kill Africans Americans , and that is bull shit. 300 some homeless. And for city council calling to defund cops, why do they have security? Every person in miniopolis is under threats. And the white nationalist don't cut it. Social justice what is that. Xi China putting Muslims , Christians, Chinese citizens, blacks in camps, and harvesting organs? Is that social justice while u take money in all your holes? Or veneUla was prosperioys and now living off trash cans, social justice trashing capitalism, and going for Marxism, but you made your money of f of capitalism, bill Maher, Jon Stewart, rob Rainer, Micheal Moore, Danni deveto, anistin, Jolie, Pitt, decrapio, waters, biden, polosi owns a winery if the Marxist hate capitalism the n mist of these people are capitolist just like the ones telling u to defund the cops yet look at them they have security idiots apiliticians are taking your rights to call po po and hiring there own security, are you uninformed about communist and Muslim brotherhood? Look it up they are not your friends and these Hollywood and NBA, NFL, etc are taking money from xi China, dictator, they have never had a African or Hispanic etc there all oriental running it. You need to look at these Marxist and how they want u to live 1 way and them another 1. Maybe capitalist devito, Moore, etc Hollywood can give u there homes , bank accounts, cars, etc they don't need the., they made it off of capitalism. Polosi, waters, rob riener which he played mike on a bigot show he needs to bow and apologize and wear a mask so should Hollywood they are capitolism and tech us to. They all need to put mask on and bow and give u there homes, bank accounts and cars, why should they have a priveledge life off of capitalism, rappers to they are capitolist.seems like a lot if people are saying there for Marxist but have they given them there homes, bank accounts, cars, etc from all that evil capitalism they made there money from. So does it mean if they have blm on there homes they are given to u because those are capitolisms don't that mean the use homes and bank accounts are yours, and they support getting rid of po po and security. So they have to give them to u , because of there capitalism ways, to make all that off capitalism? Rob Reiner's dad also was a big capitalism he should have all that, when he hates capitalism. Hollywood is capitalism and those homes should be given to Marxist and polish winery to. She shouldn't be making money off of capitalism. Waters, Cuban, jay z, sports, etc they are all making money off capitalism, there liars, right devito etc. Give up your capitalism, Hollywood, politicians, etc.
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