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Vaccines do not stop respiratory viruses (Kemp Mill)

Vaccines do not stop respiratory viruses and they dusrupt human immune systems.

1. Vaccines induce antibodies to the vaccine, not the virus. Vaccine induced antibodies are 'off target' for the virus.

2. 'Vaccine interference' precludes getting more than one vaccine; so you can get one vaccine covid19 or the flu and die from the other. Good Health Plan?

3. Vaccine interference disrupts natural immunity. Exposure to a virus is the second vaccination and this confuses the immune system's response. "Natural immunity is comprised of the Innate Immune system and the Adaptive Immune system. Activation of the adaptive immune system through a process known as antigen presentation". With a vaccine, antigen presentation is not to the actual virus but some pathogenic derivative not found in the real world, but developed in some Frankenstinean laboratory. It is the real monster mash of trivalent or quadravalent viral snippitts, which can easily trigger all kinds of immune system reactions and dysfunction.

4. Vaccines often contain viruses from non-human species causing mutated viral infections to cross species. Observe how quickly Covid19 spreads and crosses species.

5. Respiratory viruses spread and mutate too quickly to target specifuc viral strains. Vaccines actually enhance viral strain mutations.

6. Individuals with compromised immune systems are more likely to suffer serious detrimental autoimmune effects and immune system dysfunctions from vaccines. This is the same group of individuals that suffer serious effects and high mortalites from the viral infection. So what good are they?

7. Healthy individuals with healthy, non-compromised immune systems have as good or better survival rates without a flu vaccine; and they develop Natural Immunities which do not confuse and destroy their Innate Immune system or their Adaptive Immune system. Their Natural Specific Antibodies are 'on target'.

8. Some purveyors of vaccines make the claim that certain vaccines induce antibodies that are better than natural antibodies. These Frankenstein antibodies are more aggressive to break down viral defenses; they also more aggressively attack the individual. Aside from inducing autoimmunity, this aggressiveness will down regulate the innate immune system. So while the Frankenstein antibodies may be more aggressive in a petri dish, they disrupt and destroy natural innate immunity and pervert aquired immunity in humans.

10. Vaccines contain all kinds of harmful toxic substances which require special laws in order for them to be administered vaccines without proper informed consent. If you ask, they won't tell.

11. Vaccines for respiratory viruses were developed by the Nazis in WW2 as a military bioweopon protocol. Little concern, if any, was given to the long term chronic health effects; then or now. Almost a century later respiratory virus vaccines are used in the same (military) way as in WW2 Nazi Germany and for almost identical purposes; none of which has to do with proper health care. Nazis are still trying to enforce vaccines and fluoridation worldwide; and they are counting on your ignorance and compliance.

12).When the injury from the infection or other becomes severe the adaptive immune system shuts down, leaving only the innate immune system. If this innate immune system is weakened and depleted death is imminent. See: "Glucose–insulin–potassium infusion in sepsis and septicc shock: no hard evidence yet". While the authors present evidence why this should help sepsis and septic shock but no real benefit is shown in any study, there is a very important detailed description of acquired immunity shutdown from sepsis. This demonstrates both the importance of supporting the innate immune system and the uselessness of adaptive immunity during septic shock. Seems like properly applied nutrition ( not injected ) might give better results. Certainly vaccines do not work in this case.

13. What's in your mask?povidone-iodine.
Virology Journal BioMed Central Research Open Access Mechanisms of the action of povidone-iodine against human and avian influenza A viruses: its effects on hemagglutination and sialidase activities Nongluk Sriwilaijaroen1,2, Prapon Wilairat3, Hiroaki Hiramatsu2, Tadanobu Takahashi4,5, Takashi Suzuki4,5, Morihiro Ito2, Yasuhiko Ito2, Masato Tashiro6 and Yasuo Suzuki*2,5
Action of Iodine Vapour on Influenza Virus in Droplet Suspension
PMID: 20996350

In conclusion: respiratory vaccines are bad science and evil politics.

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