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The Blood Thirsty Marxist Deconstruction Plan Of America

There are Marxists among us. That is a statement rooted in pure unequivocal fact. All one has to do is become politically engaged and watch what is happening around them and what has and is happening around this country. God Bless Joe McCarthy for not only was he right about the communist infiltration but it has only become ten times worse since his death.

The Marxists are deconstructing America and have infiltrated every sector whether you like it or not or know it or not. Not only are traditional values and morals under unrelenting continuous assault but virtually all of American life, our culture and our language. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is the flood our Nation with as many non-Americans (immigrants) creating a tower of Babel within our borders without assimilation and a division within our people and doing this also by erasing our borders in turn erasing our history and our country. What do you think Barack Obama was all about when he was sowing the seeds of unrest devolving us culturally and having those riots and cops murdered? They rely upon chaos and that is why all of these Marxist groups of today exist such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, BAN, Workers of the world United (That supports North Korea not America). The full list here: Most are funded by George Soros and are there only to foment hate, chaos and the division of our people. Beware especially of the Marxist Media Complex that lies daily to us as a propaganda wing.

So you ask why these communists would want to destroy our country? It is not only found in their absolute and astonishing hatred for America by also in the fairytale lie they are told by subversives that promise them goodies that will never be. Instead harshness like they have never before experienced will ensue when their fairytale lie is ever realized. Communists always bait and trick their victims with promises of grandeur and then they kill millions and thrust their dupes into a miserable existence of never ending poverty.

The Marxists you see want to destroy our country to rebuild it in their Marxist image. It's the same way boot camp works in the military. Tare you down to build you back into what they want you to be. Those they cannot tare down they just kill.

This country is in grave danger and under constant attack by this enemy within whether they are in power or not. Our youth have been brainwashed in their Marxist Madrassas referred to as universities. Free speech and the exchange of ideas are not just squelched but not allowed at all. It's like if you had a sister that married an abuser control freak. They seek to isolate their victims from family and friends and any form of the truth or rational thought. Eventually the abuser is all they have left as the controller manipulates them to do what they want.

When the oath of office is given there is a passage to protect our constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. We had better start taking this passage far more seriously and looking much deeper into our domestic enemies because they are surrounding us and we are almost out of time here people. This is as serious as a heart attack because the Marxist fifth column is alive and well and growing by the day.
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