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Didn't Give Trump a Chance - (Don't Attend Inauguration of Biden)

The dems didn't give Trump a chance and harassed him for four year. The republicans in Congress need to give Biden the same chance that the dems gave Trump. Republican Congress men and women should NOT attend any inauguration of Biden just as many Dems did not attend Trump inauguration. Block everything Biden tries to do. IMPEACH #46. Turn about is fair play.

Biden will never become president for half of Americans who supported Donald Trump and still love him and the great job he did for our country.

If Trump had won the election the dems would have been out rioting and burning and looting the democrat run cities. All the boarding up of businesses was because they were afraid Trump would win and dems would riot. Notice that republicans are not out rioting and burning and looting. Totally different class of people from the democrats.

Republicans need to resist..... resist.... resist for the entire four years.

Where is Hunter?? He is already in China consulting for them and earning billions for him and the 'big man'. Biden administration will turn our country totally over to China. China will soon become recognized as the world power ahead of the United States. They now have perfected the infectious virus so they won't need military bombs to win the world. They will continue to just release or threat to release the next virus so they can control the world. They will soon under Biden own most of the businesses in the US.

Donald Trump has accomplished more in 47 months for our great nation than Sleepy Joe Biden accomplished in 47 years of service while never working a real job outside of being a career politician. I enjoyed watching Trump list off so many of his accomplishments for the nation at a rally. A tremendous accomplishment of Sleepy Joe Biden was the criminal justice reforms that sentenced so many black men to long terms in prison. Joe also said he didn't want to integrate schools back in the day because he didn't want his children grown up in the jungle.
If Biden is elected, within one year Cum-a-lot Harris will become our socialist president after she has Sleepy Joe declared incompetent. Then socialist Bernie Sanders will help her destroy our great country along with the socialist communist Squad.
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