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re: Sincerely (delusional) (DC)

It is very clear to see your operative word here is HATE. Your hate consumes you comrade, I'll bet you call yourself a good Christian too, nice.

First of all comrade ( I call you that because you are most likely a Russian troll, spewing your hate across oceans in honor of YOUR demigod and Trump's, Putin), WHO IS "WE"? You are only 1 poster, and there is no army there in your Mom's basement.

Second, maybe YOU posting as WE are fortunate to have Trump as your president, but more than half of this once great nation feel otherwise, along with more than 250,00 dead folks who also feel that Trump has done a completely horrendous job of running this country and an even bigger failure at handling the pandemic.
Judging by the ridiculous content of your post, I would surmise your lifetime to be about 14 years. Trump is without a doubt the worst thing that has happened to this once great country in more than my 63 years as an American.

Third, you HATE the democrats because you have been taught hate and only hate. You hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gays, Etc. you even hate yourself. Hate is an ugly thing, and as evidenced by your post, it consumes you.

The only loser here is YOU, you but you will not budge, because your hate, your lack of values, conscious and integrity, and your indignant self righteousness will lead you down a bitter path of unhappiness and sorrow.

I do not hate you, as you hate me (and the democrats), I pity you, and I pray for you.

Trump Hate Monger Says:
We don't hate President Trump. We are very fortunate to have him as President because he has done a terrific job and has been the best President in my lifetime. We hate the Democrats for being so dishonest and having given us the worst President while attacking the best one. Face it losers America hates you.
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