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Do you need a new voice for your company or your personal writing needs? Are you about to pop a NoDoze when you have to read over that article? Do you wince at your own copy or content on your websites? Is that speech you're going to give for a presentation, wedding, or corporate event something that you think everyone will get up in the middle of and use the bathrooms?

Good news! That's why I'm here. I'm an experienced freelance writer with a quick wit and creativity that can take you up a notch in whatever you need written. I'm not only great on keeping your budget in mind, but also have great turnaround times. Why? I'll factor in that I sleep about four hours a night. The rest is that I have an imaginative mind that works overtime and I love to write. I am availabe per project (large or small) or you can hire me PT/FT. I'm great to work with and personable, as well as being a good writer.

I've written everything from content, copy for clients, roast and stand up material for comedians, speeches of all kinds, social media for myself and others, articles and interviews, and so on. I've also written a book that I'm hawking out to agents. I certainly do love caffeine.....

I'm seeking clients that are awesome to work with, because I am. I am living in New Jersey (don't blame me!) and write for people all over. I've also done book signings. Of course, they're not my book, yet and they frown on signing other people's books at Barnes and Noble, but....

Let's connect. I have LinkedIn and a few thousand contacts. I have a great social media presence under a pen name. I have references and I have one more cup of coffee in front of me.

I also take Paypal for your convenience or bill you the normal way and W9 my way into your company's heart. Whether you are a singular person or need a writer for business needs of all kinds: I'm here. I'm waiting. I've now got 19.9 more waking hours to write. Let's discuss what you need.

Thank you.
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