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Delusions of grandeur brought on by social media. (Reality check...and it is sometimes harsh.)

Looking around I have noticed a change in society that has most of these kids doing stupid, harmful or deadly things to get themselves noticed, appreciated and or "liked" if that's what they are calling EVERYBODY LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!" right now.
I go to a pizza joint and the "chef" is whipping me up a masterpiece, The bar's now have mixologists of whom most cant mix a decent drink if their life depended on it. The local burger joint has shit on the menu I wouldn't stick in my mouth yet someone is eating that crap to be trendy. Unemployed or severely low paid internet "influencers" still living at their momma's house acting like they are a Kardashian. ( free thongs and make-up isn't making a living people...swag don't make the mortgage payment, ask your mom.)
Why is it young people cannot just except the fact that we are not all born with a silver spoon in our mouths and an unlimited budget on out ATM card? Quit trying to be something you are not.
I am far from rich, 10 pounds overweight, mediocre at best in the looks department and I'm hung like your average white guy. (where's my white privilege in this dept?) But I'm ok with who I am and I don't really want to be in any limelight or famous. (what a hassle if you ask me, The moneys good but your public life is over having people staring and or bothering you constantly.)
Seems they all figure it out when their parents throw them out of the house at 25 years old.

They have extended their fantasy childhood lives an extra 5-10 years before becoming RESPONSIBLE.
Gotta love looking at the losers out there, Makes me feel better about my self. All of the influencer who couldn't sell 35 t-shirts to her "millions of dedicated followers". or the "travel Influencer" who wants free accommodations? Don't forget the horrific make-up tips from the ladydudes. (ladyboys if you are from Thailand).
Get real and get a life. Moms gonna throw you out someday and you'll need a plan B to fall back on. (some will be falling back farther than others.)
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