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Republicans are divided right now, because Trump has disrupted the 'status quo' and exposed crooked politicians, many of whom are Republicans.

Democrats are all against Trump, because Trump has exposed their games, criminal activities, and called many of them out for their behavior.

Washington DC is generally pissed off at Trump, because he has seriously slowed down the rate at which they're able to commit felonies on Capitol Hill

The Career Establishment 'Good Ol' Boy' politicians in D. C., who have been in there for 30, 40, 50 years, are JEALOUS of Trump and also a little SCARED of him, because Trump, the 'non-politician', came in, got shit done, and ran circles around the people who have been there for decades doing nothing.
Career Politicians make a living by arguing over problems, but never solving them. Trump exposed their worthlessness.

Dominion vote counting machines have been proven to be manipulated.
In Georgia, it was found that Democrat candidates automatically got 35,000 votes as a head start against their competition.
10 Million votes were "Created" for Biden from thin air. That's why we had more total votes, than registered voters in many areas.
7 Million votes for Trump were DELETED, real votes from real people, simply dragged into the 'trash' folder and deleted.

Several million votes from DEAD PEOPLE.
And it's really interesting, how dead people almost ALWAYS vote Democrat..... Isn't that simply amazing ??

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