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Voting in California was a freaking joke, ZERO security (Room for fraud at every step, poll places a joke.)

I don't care who wins the election as I'm old and it really won't have much of an effect on me unless society crumbles (which I really doubt) or Antifa gets themselves shot trying to burn down my house.

I have voted for 40 plus years. sometimes by mail, sometimes I walk right in and cast that ballot by hand.

2020 was the year I looked and could see ways to cheat the vote everywhere. Let me list the ways.

I have tow kids that moved out of state three and five years ago. BOTH received a mail in ballot one received two of them. Three and Five years removed from a drivers license or any sort of bill or connection and BAM a voters mail in ballot. Both listed as registered Democrats.
OK so the California .gov wants young kids to vote, and some twice. I get mistakes can happen?..

Then I took my ballot into the polling place next to my home of 20 plus years. There was no security like I had seen in the past. Not a group of poll workers. Just one girl standing out front trying to collect everyone's ballot in a soft yellow envelope. I passed and chose to go inside. Again greeted with that yellow soft plastic envelope...I guess if this is what they have??? Seems when I put my envelope in that slot, someone could easily just push it back thru the other way and throw it away. The only security is the people who I could see anywhere? Other than those two young ladies collecting ballots all alone out of sight of anyone and everyone, the only other person I saw was another young girl leaving with a backpack stuffed full of something. ZERO SECURITY!!!

Schools have NO CAMERAS ALLOWED so maybe its not such a great place to have a poll place. Cameras add security and truth to any situation.

I can bank online securely, why cant we all vote online securely? ( because our country isn't secure enough?)

Our government in action.
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