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Earn $40 for creating 3 selfie videos about anxiety and depression (Washington DC)

compensation: $40 for videos and talent waiver completed

Earn $40 for creating 3 selfie videos about anxiety and depression

TAG ( is building a grassroots movement of individuals who are creating a better, more accessible,
more affordable approach to mental health and healing. We’re looking for people to share their own mental health
journey and inspire a new generation to take a new path. Help break the stigma surrounding mental health and
bring healing to millions who suffer in silence!

Do you suffer from any of the following?
- Eating disorder
- Body dysmorphia
- Anxiety
- Phobias
- Depression

Please share your story and you’ll help many other people who also struggle!

[THE ASK] - Create 3 short selfie videos.

1) Create one short video, roughly 3 minutes in length - of yourself telling your personal story.  We will be sharing
these videos as testimonials on our website, so please make it compelling. First, tell us your name (first name only)
and where you are from. Tell us about your personal experiences with your issue/condition. What caused it? How
did it impact your life? What did you do about it? Did you seek therapy? How did it go away?  
Please be specific with actual events, memorable experiences, specific times you remember.

2) Next, create two mini stories that are no longer that 2 minutes each. Describe 2 specific events that you
experienced. You can start these mini stories by saying something like… “I remember the time when…” or “I
remember the day when I…”
You will create 3 videos total.

[IMPORTANT] – Please DO NOT MENTION SUICIDE or suicide attempts and your audience could be very fragile and vulnerable at the time they’re viewing your video.

[BE SPECIFIC] – Provide as much detail as you can to bring your audience into the moment you’re describing. Let
your audience feel what you felt. NOTE: For privacy, please avoid mentioning any specific names or places.

[MENTION TAG AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR VIDEO] Please include a mention of our company, TAG. For
example, “I’m so happy you found our community here on TAG. There are lots of people here coping with an issue
that you might be going through.”

[END ON A POSITIVE NOTE] Please end your video by saying something like, “I got through my struggles, and you can too. what you are experiencing will pass.” Or, “You can do this, I did it.” You don’t need to say these exactly like this, please use your own words.


Please DO NOT say that TAG cured you and that TAG can cure people. That’s a liability and that can’t be
mentioned. TAG is a resource like any other resource, website, or therapist. None can claim to cure.
Note that you’re not creating an ad for TAG, just mentioning TAG and telling your own story.

[EXAMPLE] Here is an example of the 3 videos we are looking for – your stories will be different. This is just an

[IMPORTANT] -- Speak loudly and clearly and use good lighting. Please keep the camera steady on a table/etc,
Do not handhold the camera. Please ensure you have really good, clear lighting. Make sure your face is in the
middle of the video/frame.  Do not wear headphones.  Do not chew gum or have anything in your mouth.  And
please do not include any music or graphics.

[UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS] – Please upload all 3 of your videos here:

[TALENT WAIVER] -- Please complete and sign this release to receive payment:

[PAYMENT] – We send payment via Venmo or PayPal. Once we receive your videos and signed talent release
form, we’ll review for quality and fit for our platform. The best way to ensure we’ll use your video is to closely follow the instructions listed above. If we use your videos, we’ll let you know via email that your payment has been
processed. We use most videos.

As we have lots of interest, it can take a few days for us to review and process submissions. Most of the time we
can do that within 24-48 hours during weekdays.


[LANGUAGE] -- Must be native, fluent English speaker.  

[PRIOR PARTICIPANTS] – Note that only new participants are allowed to partake in this project. If you have
already created videos for TAG (Thank you!), however you can only participate once as part of this project, unless
we specifically reach out to you for more videos.

[MORE ABOUT TAG’S MISSION] -- We are on a mission to build a better and more accessible path to treatment for anxiety and depression. Current treatment methods are expensive and unaffordable for the majority of sufferers.

Our platform will be community-based, through the shared stories and experiences of our members, combined with
input from leading clinicians and universities. Our goal is to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health, shine a positive light on the subject, and create a sense of belonging. Together, we can conquer anything!
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