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Hi-end but value: Like an estate sale but BEFORE I die (rockville)


So, I am gonna die but I don't want my VERY COOL STUFF to be sold by random folks to random folks after I am gone and with no enthusiasm or knowledge of the stuff. I would LOVE for my life's collections, fascinating finds, and wonderful eclectic CLOTHING! I will help you do a complete amazing outfit for 200 and a 3 outfit wardrobe for 500.

So, among many other things, I have:

TOO many never-or-once-worn very nice shoes (size 11.5 - 12 or UK 45. Mostly Cole Hahn and mostly 2-300+ retail. The pictures are just a portion. I have more shoes than Imelda Marcos (Millennials google her). I see how you dress and you need me.

Size 38/30 to size 46/30 pants. many seldom-worn and really nice, mostly $100+ jeans. Most of my items were never or rarely worn on a TV set and never worn again. I loved all but just too much as you will see. Hundreds of L-3XB shirts, all very nice and chosen by a professional wardrobe specialist. Hundred great sport coats, i kept only the best belts, suits, ties. All never or rarely worn,.

If this is your size range you will freak at the stuff. Rare and so much polo stuff - lots. SO MANY AMAZING AND RARE SPORTsCOATS. You need style to rock lots of my stuff. Just kidding. Most will show you have style. Over 300 T-shirts that I picked and all I wore at home but I will only put out the nice ones. Very eclectic and well-traveled concert, top-brand, and event shirts. If you are my sizes, you are in luck. I have already been contacted by shops that will buy all of it for cheap and sell it back to you for more in a popular consignment shop. Also, if you are these sizes, you know that IT IS HARD TO FIND really cool and original and expensive clothes for us. This is a one-stop style catch-up! Trust the pro TV apparel directors. I did and was always called well-dressed and better. See the pics of the ties I kept. I stopped wearing ties years ago, but these made the “I cannot give away or sell this beautiful garment, because I will miss it’s very presence in my life” cut. I love them and most are never-or-worn for a few hours a few days. I hated wearing ties.
NO DEALERS PLEASE. You're not gonna buy a Polo item that retails for 300 for 30. or 10! please don't even come if you need to resell. I respect that, but you won't like my prices.

All clothes are for a male xl-xxxl. 38-48 waist / 30 length pants. 46-52 reg coats and suits. TONS of TEES and Shirts. EXAMPLE: 130 Polo Brand long-sleeve button-down shirts in xl-3xb. All top brands and cool events and special tees. Most tees are 10 bucks, shirts from 15-25, pants 15-60. Lots of cool jeans. 25-100. Winter and coats/jackets 40-150. Amazing ties and belts 15-40. 11.5 and 12 men’s Cole Hahn Shoes - 50 pairs 45-200. Much much more! Sweet sweaters 20-100. Tons of Polos 10-65. THE BEST BRANDS. ALL RARELY WORN


STX set of 5 w new grips 100. 
Cleveland new belly. 120
Taylor made  White  100
NFL brass 100
Cash putter 100
Maltby double offset 50
Ray cook hollow putter 30
Scotty Detour collector quality with Original like new case and Scotty shop certification sticker w new grip. 
Lots of Scotty accessories, hats, t-shirts etc.  medicus swing trainer 65
Weighted club 50
Sun Mountain blue C-130 massive golf standing bag but feather-light. W/ free umbrella.   90
Lots of tournament collectibles 5-100
Signed stuff
Expensive collector books 100-1,000
Hats 10-50
Shirts 5-150
Sweatshirts and jackets from pebble beach and Augusta etc.  
Some old antiques. Lots of cool golf towels from around the country and world. Signed balls and cool balls.
CBD spices and coffees and teas and flower
Collections: Lighters from 150 coffee shops in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the last 30 years. In a big clear base lamp but take it and do a display. One of a kind- nothing like it in the world. An amazing gift for a 420 lover. Not cheap.

A few book cases and/or tall kitchen china cabinets from 300-800

Antiques like an old wooden small trunk, Chinese table set, very old perfect condition putters from the 1940's and 50's.

Advertising and Marketing books. All the classics and rare ones too.

Lacrosse posters. AND 100+ lacrosse pins in a display case. So cool and represents my 25-years of international play, coaching and reporting on lacrosse. Some of these pins are rarer than rare. Japanese, Scottish pins from their first programs and so much more. World games pins from all over the world
Lacrosse sculptures by Fred Kail - Men’s and Women’s awesome!
Mini-lacrosse goal and real lacrosse goal.
I might have free baked items and/or coffee if you stop by. Don’t feel weird talking to me about my health. I am totally cool with it and a very positive person. I will enjoy meeting you all. I collect smiles too but won’t ever sell them. corny.

Kids 26” trail bike
4 really nice black steel card tables. Brand new in wrap.
Pottery Barn Dresser (best one they ever made) new 2,000 now 800
Pottery Barn iron bed frame. new 1500 now. 850 obo
Nice nightstand
So many sweet chairs 12 totally different chairs that can fill your house BUT all are the same height and fit around the long table to create quite an eclectic large dinner or holiday dining setting.
Great and rare mission postbox table
Amazing antique wood and white dresser
Dining room table with 10 totally different chairs so eclectic and almost art.
Coffee maker and expresso maker from Braun
Lots of expensive and popular felt fedoras and newsboy caps in every style.
Wine cabinet and a smaller iron wine rack
No-touch garbage can
Some art
Skateboards - nice longboards 100 each. all for 250. parts worth 500 easy
More great chairs

Kitchen hutch and awesome glass cabinet
Fender Acoustic Guitar f-210 with the best fender hard case. 200 each.
Alexa big one w video
Kids white bench storage box - very nice
Stand-up kids floor piano - you step on it like a big mat.

Big screen 4k TV. 50 inch with VERY COOL full tilt $200 mount. ONLY 550 TODAY!
A nice mirror 100
Nice glass medical mj pipes. BIG padded carrying bags for glasswork (2)
Valuable political buttons from Ike, Nixon, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, Obama +

never worn hats - very cool ones -some 420 hats
Never used boxing gloves and heavy bag
Never opened 3-4 person tent
Lots of small electronic things like cords, adapters, gadgets
Some very nice toys. Rip Stick

Some collectibles that are unique and often odd
med bar fridge with freezer
2 white Adirondack chairs made of the nice resin. I paid way too much when the resin chairs first came out. You will pay a lot less and they are supposed to last forever.
Brand-new 5-tray herb dryer with heater, fan, digital timers and display.
Standard size 150 lb safe
Some coin mint sets
Some hand-made wooden trains for 3-8 yrs
Big Panda and Unicorn costume heads to wear
Bose sound bar

Lots of backpacks, duffles, travel bags, some leather, all nice.
Great books and movies

Lots of Amsterdam memorabilia

LOTS of halloween stuff including two haunted house tabletop sets with Scooby and another from Germany. Very cool
Train sets - 3. 1 is in a cabinet with a snowy scene that lights up. YOU HAVE TO SEE IF YOU LIKE MODEL TRAINS

many very nice Swiss army and buck knives
Sword 200
Pakistan Dagger 50
Buck Large 80
Biggest Swiss Army 100 with case worth that much
Throwing knives sets of 3 for 20
Pair of Sai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Weapons) 120 for pair
Silver Swiss pocketknife - WENGER 80
NATO Switchblade (safe) 30
German side load switchblades (safe) 40
BuckHiking Knife 50

1 almost new iPad

Loys of nice frames. Pick the ones you like right off the walls and I will remove the pictures for you.


So many eclectic frames.
Very nice collection of RayBan and Persol sunglasses - RayBans you may have never seen - bought overseas.
dehumidifier (200.00)
Smoke remover for a big room. VERY GOOD AND NEW 300
Bose Glasses connect to your phone for calls and music. THE BEST SOUND AND NOTHING IN YOUR EAR. 130.00
Cool Kitchen Stuff

Weight bench

Jerry Garcia Signature and a great story to go with it.
Doug Williams signed and framed print

6 huge CD binders with like 700 popular and totally rare European music CDs of American music.
Lots of DVD movies
Golf Architecture Books - PLUS - I have a mint copy of Kevin McGimpey’s book on golf balls which sells for 4-8 hundred when you can find it. It is the most valuable book in golf that I know of.

Turning shoe racks and small jewelry turnstile displays
A cool couch
2 wicker chairs
A tall but small round kitchen table with 7 barstools and a green felt poker table cover.

Cannabis-related art

The House itself. :) just 500k. cash - Buy today and it’s FURNISHED!!!!! We redid the whole interior. The comps here are closed floor-plan and we have professionally created a Feng Shui space from front, into house and then through the back yard. Amazing.

I will accept trades if you have the following:

Concert, sports, theatre ticket or tickets for the next two months - singles or pairs
Musical instruments in good shape, We need an electric Guitar and amp.
Hockey Goalie pads and helmet for 9-11 year-olds
Electric Skateboard for kid or adult.
OLD SCHOOL electric football game that vibrates

Text me to set a time. I won't have so many here at one time. I will let you in and guide you or let you just walk through taking phone pics and then show them to me to negotiate a price. I will be totally fair, even generous, but don't come for garage sale prices. Do that after I kick. I'm not selling blenders and ashtrays.

It may take an hour to a day to get back to you, depending on how I feel but I am going in the order received. I appreciate all the notes about my mature stance in selling my "treasures" previous to my demise, and I wish it were that notable, but I am absolutely broke and need to sell it all and move to a very small apt for a bit. I do appreciate the sentiments though.

please text. don't call. Too many of you.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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