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DISCLAIMER: This service is for professionals only. No kids who only have Soundcloud pages should reply. We work with certified professionals only. We don't work with people who don't substantially invest in themselves. Basically we don't work with people who treat their music career as a hobby. We reserve the right to turn down submissions. Your works must be of great quality and all submissions are accepted at our sole discretion. When you reply, you must send your (stage and/or real) name, your music, your social media, and your website along with what service you're in need of.


Indie Music Marketing & Promotion Service

Creating Unique Music and Releasing it to the Entire World is Just One Step in the Battle Plan. Finding and Spreading The Right Word to Attract New Listeners is a Different Strategy Altogether. We Have All the Necessary Tools and Talents you need to Reach a Larger Audience.


Get the Attention You Deserve and Realize Your Indie Music Dream

As a rising indie music artist, it is not always easy to navigate your way successfully through the independent music artist scene. Managing all other aspects of your musical career can be very challenging because you don't have all the time, and you need to focus on your music at the same time.

Thus, simultaneously managing your image and producing scintillating music is a herculean task that can derail you from your primary objective: making music. That is where PATV Media comes in.

We bring you the attention you deserve while allowing you all the time you need to work on your music.

Attraction and awareness are keys to the success of your indie music career. We have state-of-the-art music promotion tools, professionalism, and connections to spice up your music, bring you to stardom and create a name for you and/or your band.

We share your passion for independent music and are committed to assisting indie music artists and bands in avoiding the slavery in getting signed by traditional record services.

What is PATV Media Indie Music Marketing & Promotion Services?

Our Service Categories

At PATV Media Music Marketing & Promotion Service, we offer the following indie music marketing services in an organic and digitize format:

💥 Interview/Feature

Mastering the Art of Being in the Spotlight

We understand that press attention can make a massive difference in the career of any indie music artist. Whether it's a band profile blurb on a local music blog, a feature article in a popular music magazine or something in between, getting the right mention and recognition in the media is paramount, and this we will help you achieve.

Our Interview/Feature service will accelerate your cachet as an indie music artist. It will draw new listeners and fans to your music. People will become more connected to you and prime you for tremendous opportunities that you might never have expected or imagined.

We can help you book exclusive appearances and interviews and manage your radio spins and on-air performances that seek to promote a new album, a tour or a show. Our in-house indie music artist and Interview/Feature experts will prepare you ahead of any interview/feature schedule to make sure that you say the right things, give a successful interview and come out with the kind of press image that can create a positive influence in your career as an indie artist.

💥 Reviews

Creating a Positive Viewpoint of Your Music

No matter how good you think you are with your music, people will always be hesitant and will doubt your ability and credibility. That is why you need to obtain positive outside opinion, and only PATV Media can give you that. Our music review blog service is connected to a significant audience of music lovers who will help you build your reviews and favorable links.

Our indie music marketing and promotion service have created a significant network of professional writers, intelligent bloggers, and superb websites that review and will put your music in front of huge potential fans.

We help create strong rhetoric around your indie artistry, which will enable us to showcase your indie music skills to the world, and capture the mind of new listeners. Our music reviews will open you up to people who love to champion the course of those they can easily and reliably identify with.

💥 Guest Post/Article Submission

Sell Yourself to Readers and Get Noticed by Music Lovers

One of the best ways people can get to know about your music is to read about it. That is what our guest post/article submission services offer you. We give indie artist the recognition they deserve by posting superbly written articles about you and your indie music to different popular music blogs and online magazines with thousands of followers.

We give readers in-depth behind-the-scene perspective of your indie music scene, getting the audience and potential fans to know more about you even before your music gets to them. Our digital marketing drive incorporates the best indie music marketing strategy to maximize your content, making it easy for people to find you, read about you, and possibly become your followers.

  💥 College Radio Promo

  Exploit the Best Option in Terrestrial Airplay

Our college radio promotion service plugs your music to hundreds of real radio stations worldwide. Whether you are a new artist or band releasing your first album, you will need superior radio airplay to put your music in front of millions of new listeners. We offer a promotional radio promotion package specifically tailored to suit the needs of every new indie music artist we work with. We have gained two decades of experience in navigating the complex music marketplace, so we know what is right for you and your genre.

We are connected to the most famous streaming providers and radio stations with an extensive network of reliable affiliates within and outside the United States, plus many more niche and independent stations. We focus on your overall success, so your songs will get playtime on the appropriate radio stations, giving you thousands of play and crowd of new fans. PATV Media is the only college radio, promotion service that delivers concrete results backed by efficient promotional action. We are champions in delivering only verifiable, transparent, royalties-qualified results and radio spin that your songs obtain in the course of our promotional efforts.

💥 Artist Bio Writing

Defining the Chronicles of Your Stardom

Let your personality speak alongside your music. We have dedicated staff writers that will author a catchy, professional, and well-detailed artist biography that precisely reflects acceptable industry competency standards. Our digital marketing team will reach to you and learn how your passion and career in music started. Up-bringing, influences, successes, challenges, expectations, and more, would carefully form part of your bio. You can submit with confidence to popular databases like AllMusic and Rovi.

💥 Press Release

Keep Fans Engaged With Your Latest To-Dos and Achievements News.

One of the hallmarks of our independent music marketing and promotion service is keeping the taste for your music alive and relevant to your army of fans and potential new listeners. Our dependable marketing team will construct a custom press release detailing your current news.

Before publication, you will receive a draft copy, which would be followed by a final and much better draft that you can confidently submit or publish anywhere you prefer.

We have a network of music publication where your news will also receive attention. Our professional PR team will provide you with precise results regarding every spot where your PR went live. You are free to share and tag the news on your social media platforms to create an even more considerable buzz. Our press release promotion service is an excellent means to inform the world about the story behind your creative genius!


Are you looking for the Best Indie Music Promotion Service?

We can help you to:

Fine-tune your artistic image and public persona

Make lasting impressions on your fans

Secure exclusive interviews and profitable appearances

Understand and practice how to entertain interviews with music journalists, bloggers, radio host, and others

Get featured in major industry events, panels, press conference, parties, and festivals

Secure valuable and profitable industry contacts and connections

Learn and master all it takes to create and submit your music demo tape to specific radio stations

...and more.

Become the indie music force you are meant to be; CONTACT via TEXT and let's make your brand a brand that is dominant on the independent music scene!


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