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█ Online Essay Tutor -Any Class- English Paper, Science, Math, Biz █ (Can Help w/ Any Class: Stats, Algebra, History Psych, Econ █)

  • Ciao and welcome to my Craigslist tutoring profile! My name is Matteo "Matt" Esposito and I am a first-generation, U.S.-born-and-raised Italian-American who is the eldest & only son of two Italian immigrants who migrated to the United States in the mid-1980s to provide my three sisters and I with the best opportunities possible to achieve our own American Dream.

  • My parents named me "Matthew" ("Matteo" in Italiano) because in the Bible, "Matthew" means "Gift of God," and I am very fortunate that my very strict but very loving parents treated my sisters and I like actual gifts of God.

  • With both my parents' support, I am now a full-time Ivy League-educated online tutor, academic consultant, and CEO & co-owner of School Study Coach® with over 15 years of professional experience who is currently available to provide tutoring and academic assistance to help struggling college students across the country attain excellent grades and excel like the college superstars I know they can be.

  • I work with a team of highly-educated highly-skilled tutors (most hailing from top-tier universities like Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, Stanford, Cal Tech, John Hopkins, Wharton, Dartmouth, Boston U, Vassar, MIT & NYU) who have both expert knowledge and experience in their respective fields. And together we are able to help tutor students needing help in almost any subject available including the following courses shown below:

  • English / Writing: literature (American & English), grammar, reading, edit, proofread & re write documents, creative writing, poetry, expository and persuasive writing, essay / paper writing, editing and proofreading, term paper & research paper polishing (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, OSCOLA & IEEE format), plagiarism detection, dissertation, literature review, annotated bibliography, personal statement, senior thesis, humanities essays, social science papers, Shakespeare, Greek tragedy, fiction novels, book reports, rewriting, copy-editing, grant writing, journalism, copy-writing, language arts, spelling & typo check, logic & sentence structure, manuscripts, articles, blogs, blog writing, article writing, document formatting, LinkedIn / resume / CV consulting

  • Liberal Arts: psychology, nursing, history, architecture, African / African-American & Black studies, art history, psychiatry, political science (poly sci), anthropology, Greek / Roman / Eastern philosophy, sociology, classics, music appreciation, social sciences, women's studies, feminism, communications, social work

  • Educational Software: ALEKS, Aplia, Blackboard, Canvas, Cengage, CengageNow, Connect, ConnectMath, Connexus, Edmentum, Eviews, Garch, Hawkes Learning, Java, Knewton, Maple, MasteringChemistry, MasteringPhysics, Mathematica, MathXL, Math XL, MATLAB, McGraw-Hill, MegaStat, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Minitab, Moodle, MyAccountingLab, MyEconLab, MyITLab, MyLab, MyMathLab, MyPsychLab, MySocLab, MyStatLab, NCSS, Pearson, PlatoWeb, Prezi, Python, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, StraighterLine, Straighter Line, WebAssign, WebWork, Wiley, WileyPlus.

  • Math: algebra, statistics (probability, biostatistics), calculus, business math (statistics, calculus), geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry, quant methods, finite mathematics, discrete maths, differential equations (ordinary & partial), real analysis, topology

  • Business: finance, accounting (financial, managerial, cost, auditing), banking (global, investment, international), business statistics, business calculus, business math, economics (macro & micro), intermediate macroeconomics & macroeconomics, business law, mergers & acquisitions, human resource HR management, supply chain management, business administration, marketing, real estate

  • Biology: nursing, anatomy & physiology, microbiology, molecular bio, biotechnology, epidemiology, neurobiology, neuroscience

  • Chemistry: general, organic, inorganic, biochemistry, pharmacy.

  • Science, Tech & Programming: general STEM courses, physics, fluid & mechanics, physical science, ecology, earth science, computer science, computer programming, geography, geology, environmental science, data science, data structures, iOS, R, Python, Java, SQL, machine learning, deep learning, networking, operating systems, object-oriented programming, information technology (IT), database management, software, web & website development.

  • Engineering: aerospace, aeronautical, biomedical, computer, chemical, civil, construction, electronic, electrical, industrial, mechanical, petroleum, software.

  • Grad School Programs: MBA, law, pre-law, dental, medical (med), pre-med, masters, PhD / Ph.D. elementary & secondary education, public service.

  • Foreign Languages: Italian (mia lingua preferita / my favorite language), Spanish, Latin, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, English as a Second Language (ESL)

    ✓ M.S. in Math Education from Teachers College, Columbia University (2012)
    ✓ M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University (2010)
    ✓ B.S. in Statistics & Economics from University of Pennsylvania (2008)
    ✓ My Top SAT Scores: Math: 780 & Verbal: 770
    ✓ My Top GRE Scores: Quantitative: 169, Verbal: 165, AWA: 5.5
    ✓ Over 15 years of professional tutoring experience and over 600 students tutored
    ✓ Over 5 years of classroom teaching experience at both the university & K-12 level
    ✓ Expertise and work experience in the fields of math, statistics, finance, and economics


I am both exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in statistics (i.e. stats) and I can provide individualized one-on-one tutoring and academic assistance to struggling students needing help in the following statistics classes:
    ✓ Elementary Statistics
    ✓ Intro to Statistics
    ✓ Statistics & Probability
    ✓ A.P. Statistics / AP Statistics
    ✓ Biostatistics
    ✓ Business Statistics
    ✓ Psychology Statistics
    ✓ Statistical & Probability Models
    ✓ Social Science Statistics
    ✓ Statistical Methods


In addition to statistics and probability, I am also both highly knowledgeable and proficient in tutoring students in the following math, science, and business-related courses below:
    ✓ College Algebra / Intermediate Algebra / Algebra 1 & 2 / Prealgebra
    ✓ Accounting: Financial, Managerial, Government, Cost (i.e. ACC)
    ✓ Physics 1 / General Physics 1 / University Physics 1 (i.e. Phy)
    ✓ Economics: Microeconomics & Macroeconomics (i.e. Econ)
    ✓ Calculus 1 / Business Calculus / Basic Calculus (i.e. Calc)
    ✓ Quantitative Methods / Reasoning (i.e. Quant)
    ✓ Precalculus / Pre-Calculus (i.e. Pre-Calc)
    ✓ Finance / Corporate Finance (i.e. Fin)
    ✓ Management Information Systems
    ✓ Supply Chain Management
    ✓ Trigonometry (i.e. Trig)
    ✓ Finite Mathematics
    ✓ Management
    ✓ Marketing
    ✓ Geometry


Below is a complete list of all the tutoring and academic services that I currently offer to interested students. I also provide custom individualized tutoring services to suit the student's specific academic needs:
    ✓ College Course Tutoring: 1-on-1 Tutoring, Individualized Instruction, & Guidance
    ✓ Standardized Test Prep: SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT
    ✓ Study Help & Exam Completion for a: Test, Quiz, Midterm, Final Exam
    ✓ Job and College Admissions Interview Coaching
    ✓ Homework Assignment Guidance, Support & Completion
    ✓ Resume and LinkedIn Profile Editing & Polishing
    ✓ Personal Statement Proofreading, Editing, Advisement & Rewriting
    ✓ Online Class Module Support, Guidance & Completion
    ✓ Financial Aid Application and Scholarship Essay Consulting & Advisement


Below is a list of the features that make me and my team stand out from other tutors and academic consultants on Craigslist:
    ✓ I can customize my tutoring services to specifically accommodate the student’s academic needs.

    ✓ I am willing to talk to the student (and their parents if necessary) on the phone before we agree to work together.

    ✓ I can provide references from DOZENS of satisfied college students (and parents) who achieved A’s in their classes with my help.

    ✓ I provide recommendations and assigned tasks (i.e. lab or hw) upon request to help reinforce the information learned.

    ✓ I have the ability to accommodate last-minute emergency tutoring & academic requests.

    ✓ I can provide the parents with a summary of the topics covered and a detailed plan for future lessons.

    ✓ Proof & Evidence of the grades achieved on past student's assessments thanks to my team.

    ✓ Updates and progress reports to parents about the student’s progress provided upon request.

    ✓ Fully explained steps for solutions provided upon request to help students study from it.

    ✓ Can provide customized tutoring sessions to help students do well on their exams, tests, quizzes, midterms, and final exams .

  • As of Summer 2020, I am in very high demand and my schedule tends to fill up months in advance.

  • In the very likely event that I am unavailable to personally tutor you or your child myself, I can easily provide the contact information of one of the several highly-skilled and well-established U.S. based tutors on my team who would be more than willing to help.


If you are interested in my tutoring services and would like to inquire further, please feel free to reach out to me via text, email, or phone call. In the initial message, please kindly include:
  • Your Name

  • Your Contact Info: (cell phone number & current email)

  • City & State you saw my ad in

  • Full Title of the class you need tutoring for.

  • Type of Tutoring Service that you’re looking for.

  • Thank you for taking the time to read my very detailed tutoring ad. I take my career as a full-time academic consultant very seriously with the utmost professionalism.

  • It would be a sincere honor and a privilege to be a part of your journey through college and be given the opportunity to help you get excellent grades in school

  • Thanks again and I look forward to helping you do well in your classes!
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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