6/15: Early Europaean Seafaring (Maryland)

Early European Seafaring

Why just read about it, when you can actually experience it?

To truly understand European history and cultural development you need to understand how people, knowledge, ideas, and goods moved around the continent.. The role of seafaring was of utmost importance, yet is usually largely neglected at best, or grossly misinterpreted at worst, by modern historians who write their books sitting in rooms somewhere, having no real idea of, much less experience in, what it was like to navigate the seas and rivers in the vessels of earlier times.

A unique opportunity is available this year here in the DC area for a limited number of participants.. A college-level course providing an introduction to the subject, heavily oriented toward learning by actual experience, is being offered almost free -- only some minimal lab fee type payments [totaling less than $50] required to take part in the practical aspects . The course will be taught by an instructor who has decades of experience sailing, rowing, and maintaining authentic reconstructions of the type of vessels used in the distant past, and who earned his PhD at one of the top European universities for his work in exposing and correcting historical inaccuracies of more recent periods, You will learn how ships and seafaring evolved in early times, and how that influenced the economic, social, and political development of Europe. Most importantly though, you will experience firsthand what it was like to be part of a crew on the sorts of open ship propelled by oars and single square sail.

The practical, hands-on learning experience part of the course, will take place on an authentic reconstruction of a ship of the sort in use in the latter part of the period being studied, and will be held on weekends (usually Saturdays) in southern Maryland. It will will require taking part in four out of ten scheduled day-voyages (students who wish to do so will be able to take part in more than four sessions, space and other circumstances permitting).

Email for more information.

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