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Stressed and Worried About COVID?

Stressed and worried about COVID? Most of us are. This is only natural. This is a scary situation. Of course some of us worry more than others. We are all wired up differently.

How about you? Do you feel as though you worry more than you should? Does it seem like thoughts about COVID are taking up too much of your bandwidth? There are techniques to help turn down the mental chatter.

I’m Jay Baur, an experienced life coach. I specialize in helping people who are stressed, worried, and generally overthink things. I'm here to help you reduce mental friction and move through life more smoothly. I offer my services over the phone.

My core philosophy stems from the notion that our subconscious plays a much larger role in our lives than many of us intuitively appreciate, which creates a situation where we are all fish out of water in the modern environment.

We each have a powerful yet subconscious guidance system that has been slowly molded through millions of years of evolution. Because the process of evolution is so slow, we have been hardwired to navigate a way of life that no longer exists: the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our ancestors.

One primary way this guidance system expresses itself is through our emotions, though this is not all. The reach of this system is far and it also subtly yet significantly influences our desires, decisions, and even our conscious thoughts.

Because of the mismatch between the environment we were designed for and that of present-day, modern living poses many challenges for our caveman brains. Our subconscious guidance system pushes us towards reactions and patterns of thought that now do not serve us. A very basic example of this is the often counterproductive fight or flight response that so many of us experience during challenging situations. Another would be the emotions that cause us to care too much about what others think of us, an instinct that has its origins in tribal life.

Because of the way we are wired up, many of us move through the modern world on autopilot, living in a trance of tension. We overthink things, get stressed about situations that are beyond our control, and generally take things too seriously.

I have devoted my life to helping people wake from this trance of tension, create more flow in their lives, and more fully pursue that which makes them glow. Whether you are looking to tone down the mental chatter and learn to relax or to turn up the energy to reach your goals, I can help.

Coaching is not therapy and I am not qualified to diagnose or treat any psychological disorder. This approach is about looking at universals of human nature, seeing how these trip us up and cause tension in a typical human brain, and then applying this lens to your life to see how you can take things to the next level. Though much of what moves us through the world is ancient and hardwired, it’s not to say that these are unchangeable. There are many tools and techniques that we will use to help you see yourself, the world, and your challenges differently. These will help you move through life more smoothly and more effectively pursue that which matters most to you.

I am currently offering one free session so that you can determine if coaching is right for you. Sessions are hour long and offered over the phone for maximum reach and convenience. Reply here or on my website to sign up or with any questions.

Find out more about me and my work at
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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