Replacement or new windows & doors. offers open mixed storm sets wood shelters, - $10 (manassas park & Manassas)

Lots 100s types art 5.oo-18.oo if buy 4-10 each or less offer
House windows 40.oo - 60.oo
Lots doors most are used no frames 3.oo - 6.oo -35.oo for fine doors

Doors mostly used no frames

few with glass fine others free after buying something.
Got like 4 snow slids all 50.oo -20.oo each
Bricks 3 hole 4x8x1.7.ΒΌ 60.oo for 100 x3 300 items there 150.oo all

if items to go. 40 wood Windows mixed sizes for art projects green house ect photos

, art window glass 1st 12.oo offer for more less. All types windows offer
3 shelters wood 2 tall 3ed shorter 13.oo offer all. Plus I have house replacement windows. And soom for building house 50.oo - 65.oo more the cost. Offers top.

All anyone Appointments only

by talk on the phone only kids speek english

All types of Lamps. Tools, grills, propane tanks

. Bicycles all sizes under 27",

dishes, pot and pans tons of Antique &; furniture
Rails bed rails 13.ooor craft 16.oo
Wood or building some green.
Any deliveries full paid first cash after inspection.

Lot sets wrought-iron patio table 3 sets 140.oo - 398.oo sets of 3-7 with inculd tables other items offer
Some doors & windows or items are free after purchasing items or offer all.

Lots of old foot ball team stuff itims
Plastic red skin.
color. Lamp 18.oo

49 years of dishes, desks, dressers, tools, day bed, pictures, dolls,

Wrought-iron patio tables sets moving sale other limited furniture, too many to list.8 AM -230pm each day Appointments only...
Civil War glasses set nice set 20.oo offers too
Lot pet cages small to x Large 10.oo-30.oo some has pans. 40.oo
thursdays- wedesday.
& all week & weekends.
In 2ed home estate sell same 40 years much more of all types items sets dishes. 25 rooms or sheds . Yard Wrought-iron patio tables 220.oo-385.oo set 7... 6 chairs full size table other people are asking 1200.oo same sets. My is 235.oo - 385.oo -439.oo two 5 sets yet delivery after paid in ca sh
1000s items to see room
Rent for woman Appointment only Thank you Paul lot opportunities hear.

2" hitch trailer tools 35.oo black
free to call7O39666l95 or

white. Cap on truck fit best dodge or 6'x7' front glass has taken out broken all 35.oo near 7' deep and wide near 62" wide

Delivery has fees and all must be paid cash by hand after inspection. First

Appointment only day time only no drop bying with out a time

Camper white fiberglass
Wheel barrels 35-68 like new flat free tires

Milk crates 5.oo 1'x1' black or green
Lot bikes or parts 13.oo-25.oo offers now
most need something

Propane tanks 20.oo , 30 lbs oo rusty 38.oo
Shower seats many others 20.ooeach ,..
Gas tanks 5.oo blue tanks 10.oo
All delivery must be inspation & d full with fees liading h $2 mile
Appointments only on 84_ _Yorkshire lane manassas

Hocky skates new 30.oo

Few toy Antiques, trucks, Equipment, mixed old guys. 15.oo-35.oo tons less age items.... DEAL TODAY Bauer ice skates

Many others on wrought iron sets yard Furniture 225.oo to-rocker chairs other 7 chairs sets 438.oo with tables

lots more all painted out door furniture. You pick you nee

d. Delivery after all paid in cash with fee paid first
All any delivery must be paid first with fees paided first. After inspection.
Thank you best call or text
Near cvs & pet center 84_ _ Yorkshire lane Appoutments only no drop by with out the address call plain a time

2"- Weight sets 2.5 to 45 lbs sets 1.30 pre lbs
Curling bar 18.oo
weights full set
no autos

( 15.oo -26.oo you pick . Refrigerator
smaller full full size 25.oo offer has dent one left side
And lots Countertop table appliances )

100s other items from 1.oo-15.oo other

wrought iron pario table sets for 145.oo- 435.oo 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Matching chairs std &a lot; sets of rocker chairs. Lot sets all nice black nice same 198.oo just under 420.oo save now

Appointments only fixable hours when you call. Only Delivery after full paid in cash in by hand only and Inspected approved.

Also some that alum w glass tops sets for 65.oo 4 or 6 or more colors take all
Also propane tanks 20
100s more items

Lots sports see photos any type balls tenniss balls racks all types 13.oo

-more 1000s items best call in Yorkshire lane manassas open appointment only call today

gas ac recyle tanks 60..oo great deals i havent used but told it new.sealer #. call 7O3 information 966 and6195 appointment only by phone

Basket ball hoop & grills - 11- 27 for 1000.oo dollar grills in retile stores
B1000s more items to go offer

basketballs hoops 20.oo to 50.oo and one need to be put together clean lite repair..... -20.oo can delivery with fee after inspection &a; full paid first.

Long list house items oil 20.oo/ elect lamps 100s items open offers
All delivery after full paid cash fee 2.o2 mile and loading fee other ads in link here

Wrought iron patio Table sets 145.oo-420.oo sets 3 set- 7 set 6 chairs sets rocker too sets
aluminium sets 60 .oo set 5 deal..........
Appointment only call 1000s items
Delivery only full paid cash by hand when inspection items

Christmas lights Boxes and boxes 7.oo or offer. box or roll tons of other message what your needs.offers welcome
Appointments only...

Wrought iron table patio
house doors 1.oo-12.oo take all 25 for 65.oo offer
.7 Windows mix 50.oo -65 many a
Sizes .
Art windows 1.oo-15.oo up to 35

Pick u p truck tires w rims 285-65-20

Used bikes
Kids to 26" most need something.

All delivery after full payment with fees payed first thank you

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