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*Options for income during these hard times – I will help you* (DMV)

compensation: varies by gig

(This is a long post, but will definitely be worth your time, so read carefully for important details)

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am going to help you! My cell number is in the contact link. Store that number in your phone for later…

We all know that businesses everywhere are shutting down. Unfortunately, that means a loss of income for too many people. My daughter was informed that the company she works for (a national retail chain store) is closing for at least 30 days and employees will NOT be compensated!!

As unfair as that is, we can’t sit back and do nothing. We need income. Below, you will find a list of referral links for gig work that I do. These companies pay out referral bonuses once the amount of trips/deliveries/etc. is completed. In most cases, you are guaranteed a certain amount once you complete the requirements, but I am offering something else in addition to that…

Once you meet the requirements and they pay me the referral bonus, I WILL SPLIT IT with you by sending you HALF of MY bonus through Cash App! I am not greedy, especially in times of need like this, but I still have bills to pay as well, which is why I need the other half LOL! Just make sure we talk before you sign up so I can get your info. If we don’t communicate, I won’t know who to send half to!

So take Uber/Uber Eats for example. Let’s say you use my referral code, get approved, complete the trips/deliveries in the required time, and they pay me a $700 bonus (that’s the current promotion as of the time I am typing this). I will send you $350 through Cash App as soon as it hits my account! I have done it before and it hit my account within 10 minutes, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. This is my way of helping others not only to generate income in very popular industries that are booming now more than ever because of this virus crap, but also giving you some bonus income you wouldn’t otherwise have. Every little bit helps, right? It will be like that feeling you get when you find money in your laundry!

In order to send you money through Cash App, you obviously need to have a Cash App account. If you already have one, you know it’s just as good as Paypal and the fees are cheaper! So here’s another bonus…when you set up a new Cash App account, they will give both of us $5! Since that is also categorized as a referral fee, I will send you $2.50, so you’re getting $7.50 just to set up a free account :) Again, make sure we talk first so I have your info!

Okay, now for all the links…

Here is my referral link for Cash App: (if the code does not populate automatically, just enter NSWKNHL in the referral field)

Here is my referral link for Instacart:

Here is my referral link for Postmates:

Here is my referral link for Door Dash:

Here is my referral link for Uber/Uber Eats:

Here is my referral link for Lyft:

Regardless of how many of those you sign up with, you will most likely be driving quite a bit so why not get cash back on gas purchases? I use GetUpside for that and get an average of $2.30 back after every fill up. So far I have received over $300 back since I signed up! After you join with my code, you will get an extra .23 cents per gallon (something like that) back the first time you use it. Yes, they give me the .23 cents as well, but it’s tied into my next gas purchase, so I would have to calculate how much to send you after I fill up. Just search for the best offer in the app from competing gas stations in your area and choose the one you want! They offer cash back on food and vehicle services at some places as well! Here is my referral link for GetUpside:

This next one is called Beachbody. You’ve heard of the famous P90X workout, right? Yup, same company. With this opportunity, you can build a business that gives you monthly residual income pretty quick, especially since people are getting sick and all the damn gyms are closing! They offer some of the best nutritional products in the world, including one called Shakeology that boosts the human immune system to fight off viruses (in addition to its many other benefits – yes, I use it every day) as well as tons of workouts that can be done AT HOME through what’s called Beachbody on Demand. BOD can be streamed through just about any device and is loaded with every workout Beachbody offers so you don’t have to buy the individual workout DVDs anymore unless you really want to!
Here is the website link:

Lastly, here is the link to a new rideshare company that will sweep the nation after we get through this crazy pandemic! This is really something special and you can get in on the ground level… you will find info at where you will be able to sign up as a rider or driver. You can make money either way and it’s by invitation only, so check it out!

I look forward to our partnership!
Stay positive, help others, and enjoy each day!

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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