Audio tubes ham tubes vacuum tubes $6 up - $100 (Fairfax)


condition: good
make / manufacturer: RCA
model name / number: 6BQ5 6V6GT 12AX7 5692 6L6GC etc

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Selling off my personal collection of vacuum tubes - will ship USA
*****VINTAGE USA MFR, a few vintage Euro *********

----------tubes are carefully tested on Calibrated Hickok 539C tester -----------

****** on request I will email pics / test results direct *********
discounts for quantity buys Studios, bands,shops- 100s more not yet listed!
audio list follows a few ham tubes
(#) = picture ref <#> at top of pics in gallery
(1) 3pr 6HF5 (3 matched pairs) 6HF5 RCA RCA or Sylvania NEW $29/pr
(70) 3N 6HS6 GE date code FE $20/ea
(2) 1pr 6KD6(pair) 6KD6 GE New (one labeled/boxed Amperex) TESTED STRONG $35/pr
(3) 3 6LQ6/6JE6C 2 in boxes 1 loose all test NEW but not matched $20ea
(4) 1prN 807 RCA nice MB boxes WWII date $30/pr
1prN 807 RCA both date 70 13 in RCA MB box new STRONG $28/pr)
(5) 1prU 807 Raytheon - Good used - test STRONG $18/pr
1prN 807 JAN 1945 WWII National Union new pair test good
(6) 3N 6HS6 new $20 ea
(64) 1N 3CX100A5 new in packaging untested $10
(65) 3N 4-65A / 8165 apparently unused, cannot test $12 ea

**** Audio tubes, Guitar tubes. for guitar amps, audiophile etc
(pic ref) quan Tube type - description - price
(62) 2N 1U 1L6 for Transoceanic S/W rcvr 2 new $32/ea 1 used tests new $24
(7) 2N 2C51 JW Western Electric NIB same date matches box N$80/pr
(8) 1N 2C51 NIB Western Electric N$35
(63) 396A Western Electric pair $65/pr
(9) 2U 5AR4 / GZ34 GE used matched &balanced 2% (one tube has 5deg tilt on glass)U$35/ea $60/both
(10) 12N 5R4 rectifiers New ALL $12 ea 5R4GYB RCA (7) GE(1) 5R4GY RCA(3) 5R4GB RCA(1)
(11) 8N " New 5R4WGB Cetron (5) Tung-Sol(1) 5R4GYA GE(2) all 5R4s new in box, vintage $12/ea
(12) )N 5Y3GT many New in Box RCA, Sylvania, GE etc vintage USA N$10-12
(13) )N 5U4GB many New in Box RCA, Sylvania, GE etc vintage N$10 RCA matched pr$25
(14) 3N 7U 5V4G N$20 U$12 5V4GA N$12
(15) 7N 2U 5Y3WGTB / 6082 (Ruggedized 5Y3GT) brown-base, nice N$20 U$12
(16) 1pr 6AS7G JAN RCA new in vintage box, STRONG 54-48/36 and 54-52/36 $65/pr
(17) 1pr 6AS7G RCA new both dated 75 22 Red ltr base 50-52/36 52-48/36 $55/pr

pic ref quan Tube type - description - price
(18) 1pr 6BQ5 STRONG MESA matched pair (gain 3%) computer tested No boxes - test NEW $40/pr
(19) 1pr 6BQ5 GE vintage new in box pair both 65-30 STRONG w/ copper inner rods (gain 4%) $48/pr
(20) 1pr EL84 / 6BQ5 Amperex used VERY STRONG matched pair (2%) $48/pr
(21) quad 6BQ5 Sylvania JAN 1973 New 73-26 73-26 73-26 73-13 all AYA (gain matched 6%) $120/quad
(22) 1pr 6BQ5 / EL84 RCA NEW in meatball boxes vintage STRONG matched (2%) gray plt pair same date
CH $80/pr extra tube same date CH $35 or all 3 for $105
(23) 1pr 6BQ5 Sylvania JAN 1973 New in box. 73-25 73-13 both AYA (gain matched 5%) $48/pr
(24) quad EL84 / 6BQ5 Mullard (lbld Philips) New in Box KM2 B7D2 – STRONG matched (4%)
$135/set of 4 (extra/spare $28)
(25) )N/U more NEW and used (cheaper!) good matched pairs 6BQ5 and 6GW8 and 6V6GT available
(71) N 6C10 RCA new in MB box $32
(26) )N/U many 6SN7GT, GTA, GTB W WGT WGTB VT-231 new/used strong matched pairs most brands/styles - ask!
(69) 1pr 6L6GA Sylvania New in vintage boxes – 11 44 and 12 44 dates JAN CHS Navy Anchor on tubes, nice
smoky band ultra matched gain 1% $80/pr
(27) 4pr 6L6GC group of identical 4 pairs 6L6GC vintage Russia NIB no date code ( 80s ?) $176/all 8 $50/pair
(28) 1U KT66 Genalex Red label vintage tests New vy STRONG LIFE – from Heath monoblk amp U$65
(29) quad 6L6GC RCA MB rare BLACK PLATE quad NIB same date code MH June 61 new $450 / quad
(30) 1pr 6L6GC RCA MB BLACK PLATE new in box same date code AB March 64 new $160/pair
(31) quad 6V6GT VT-107 Raytheon quad new in boxes, test STRONG, very nice looking $70/pair $120/quad
(32) 6V6GTY Raytheon JAN beautiful NIB pair test STRONG $48/pair
(33) )N/U *********** have more 6V6 matched pairs avail, New in Box or used (cheaper!) tested strong! ********
(34) 1U 6V6G tests strong U$12
(35) 2U 6V6G strong RCA pair, look good smoky glass 1 brkn guide pin U$35/pair
(36) 2U 6V6G used pair look & test good but life test only fair Zenith Philco U$15/pair
(37) 14N 6X4 NIB $5 6X4W JAN (11) 1952 pins have a bit of green crud will clean w/DeOxit D100L N$5
(72) 11N 6X5WGT Sylvania black plate, brown base w/green ltrs chrome top
(pic ref) quan Tube type - description - price
(38a) 15N 12AX7WA GE white ltr date code IK short gray narrow rib plt pairs & quads N$18 ea
(38b) 8N 12AX7WA JAN GE green ltr 87 04 short gray narrow rib plt N$18 ea
(38c) 20N 12AX7WA GE 5 Star ***** white ltr date code EX 74
(39a) 5N 12AX7WA Sylvania yellow ltr [EL] ACW long narrow rib gray plt copper grid wires
(39b) 5N 12AX7WA JAN Sylvania 70 03 (3) 69 33 (2) long narrow rib gray plt copper grid wires
(39c) 3N 12AX7WA Sylvania green ltr AEM 539 long narrow rib gray plt copper grid wires
(40) )N/U many other 12AX7/A and 5751 matched pairs or singles New & Used
(41) )N/U 80 ST (coke bottle shape) N$20 U$10
(42) )N/U 80 Globe (balloon shape) N$40 U$20
(43) 8N? 417A Western Electric boxed, some box dates match tubes – test strong $35 ea $75 paired up

(pic ref) quan Tube type - description - price
(44) trio 5692 RCA NIB (in picture) same date 70 31 balanced tested strong new style box N$270/all 3
(45) 1U 5692 (Industrial strength 6SN7GT) RCA red base JAN CRC U$60
(46) 1U 5692 CBS 58 05 tan base tests strong U$30
(47) 1U 5692 CBS brown base JAN CHY tests STRONG U$30
(48) 1U 5692 GE red base used (RCA?) 5-52 tests new $55
(49) 1U 5692 CBS brown base used tests 20% lower gain still has plenty of life U $22
(66) 1pr 5881 Tung-Sol pair, used with typical “burned-in” darkening on bases. Good life test at 4.3 V fil. G
ain matched 9%.
(pic ref) quan Tube type - description - price
(67) #N/U 5963 RCA (12AU7 equiv) long Gray Plate N$8 ea U$6
(68) 8N 11U 5963 RCA (12AU7 equiv) long Black Plate N$20 ea matched N pair $45 U $12/ea
(51) trio 6072A GE 5 Star test NEW matched same date 3 for $100
(52) 7N 2U 6082 (Ruggedized 5Y3GT) brown base, nice N$20 U$12
(53) trio 6386 GE 5 star tests NEW in Pro-Comm boxes red ltr on glass All 3 for $250
(54) 1U 6550 Tung-Sol vintage used 3 hole U$50
(55) 1pr 6550 Russian matched pair N$25/pair
(56) quad 6973 RCA New in meatball box (gain matched 10% quad, pairs 1% and 2%) $148/quad all same date
DE, ltr smeared on one tube (+ extra DE extra tube, gain too high to match other 4 $35)
(57) 3U 7027A used 2 Tung-Sol 1 RCA Ea $10 Matched pair $25
(58) 26N 7044 GE New in box, same dates 1982 copper DLA900-82-C-4247 $25ea matched pr/$55 matched
(59) 3N 8417 GE NIB identical date N$28/ea

***** ALL American 5 table-top AM radio tubes - New $5 ea various brands *******************
(60) N 12BA6 (9) 12BE6 (10) 12AV6 (8) 35W4(8) 50C5(6) Old-school AA5 rectifier 35Z5(10) All new All $5 each.
(61) N set Complete sets (while still avail) of 5 to re-tube old-school AM radio for $20.

(73) 6AQ8s
(74) 12BY7A JAN GE (7) Sylvania (2) $12 ea
(75a) 7868 Sylvania pair - used strong life and matched gain 6% current 8% $35/pr
(75b) 7868 GE tests NEW and life test VERY STRONG $25
(76) 6SN7GT Sylvania late 1957 New in box pair 2 hole "bad boy" construction balanced/matched $95/pr
working on getting more listed

Again, WILL SHIP ANYWHERE IN USA and take Paypal, USPS mo.
Will email full-res pics and test results.
Send phone # to text or talk. 100s and 100s more not yet listed.
Not many 6L6GC or other power tubes. Not many Telefunken or Mullard 12AX7.
Thank you, John in VA
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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