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My name is Nathan Read. I'm a Berklee College Of Music Alumni teaching private drum lessons out of my home in Reston, VA. I'm looking for new students!

I've been playing drum set for 28 years and teaching drum lessons for 12 years. I teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and specially tailor each lesson towards your individual goals. That way we are working on exactly what will benefit you the most!

I'm fluent at playing and teaching songs and concepts in these styles!

Funk, Rock, Folk, Jazz, RnB, Hip-Hop, Disco, Country, Reggae, Avant-Garde, Indie, Drum n Bass, Odd Meters, Soul, Big Band Swing, Breakbeats, EDM, Punk, Chop Drumming, New Wave, Pop, Metal, Shuffles, Blues, Waltz, Polyrhythms, Mixed Meters, Drum Line Rudiments, Neo-Jazz, Go-Go, Do-Wop, Motown, Cha-Cha, Samba, Linear, Auxiliary Percussion, Brushes, Pit/Theatre, Bossa Nova, Clave Rhythms, Mozambique, Afro-Cuban Rhythms, Pop-Punk, Soloing, Rockabilly, Bounce Beat, New Orleans Second Line, Dub Reggae, Dance Hall, Fusion, Grunge, Vaporwave, Chillwave, and Americana, to name a few.

I've shared the stage with people such as : Shania Twain (on tour at the MCI Center in 1999), Luke Brindley (co-owner of Jammin' Java and Union Stage), Jon Carroll (Starland Vocal Band, Linda Ronstadt), Owen Danoff (The Voice team Adam Levine), Native Run and many others!

--------I charge $50 for a one-hour lesson at my home in Reston. I'm also open to 1.5 and 2 hour lessons, as well!--------
--------Please note that there is a cat at the home. If you are allergic to cats please keep that in mind when signing up--
--------I also do in-home drum lessons for $60 an hour. This means that the drum lessons will be held at your home. ----------You need to have a functioning acoustic or electronic drum set to sign up for in-home drum lessons.---------------

Please contact me at SuperNOVADrumLessons@gmail.com to discuss current availability!

Here are some videos of me playing drums! Enjoy!

Native Run - Way Down - New Year's Eve at Jammin' Java - 2012

Native Run - Like Whiskey - New Year's Eve at Jammin' Java - 2012

Native Run - Sugarcane - New Year's Eve at Jammin' Java - 2012

Native Run - One of Them Days - New Year's Eve at Jammin' Java - 2012

Norman Rockwell - Live at Jammin' Java - 2011

Deep River (Native Run) - Live at 930 Club - 2011

Deep River (Native Run) - The Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage- 2011

The Pocket - Live at The State Theater - 2009

The Pocket - Live at Jammin' Java - 2009

The Independent - Live at Jammin' Java - 2009

The Independent - Live - 2009

Guitar Center Drum-Off Falls Church Store Finals - 2009

Guitar Center Drum-Off Regionals - 2009

Thomas Lunch "Fire Puppy" Music Video - Shot in L.A. - 2005

I also do a lot of studio work in Northern Virginia and D.C. You may contact me if you are interested in studio work, as well!

Albums In The Works :
Luke Brindley - LP - 2019
GriefCat - LP - 2020
Milo in The Doldrums - LP - 2020

Albums That Have Been Released :
Lauren Calve - Light/Dark EP - 2018 - Available on iTunes and Bandcamp
Tiger Tree - Single - Giant - 2017 - Available on SoundCloud
Carter Lou and The Project - Single - If Only In My Heart - 2017 - Available on iTunes
Milo in The Doldrums - Self-Titled EP - 2016 - Available on BandCamp
Teddy Chipouras - Rolling Hills - 2016 - Available on iTunes
Throwing Plates - Self-Titled EP - 2016 - Available on iTunes
Luke Brindley - Crack of Light - 2015 - Available on iTunes
YUM. EP - MOAR - 2014 - Available on iTunes
Beanstalk Library - Whiskey Mountain - 2014 - Available on BandCamp
Elise Major - The Whole World's Against You - 2014 - Available on iTunes
The Family Plots - Styrofoam/Tiger Lilly - 2013 - Available on BandCamp
Joe Morra - Better Man: A Rock 'N' Roll Fable - 2013 - Available at CdBaby.com
Norman Rockwell - Fare Thee Well - 2012 - Available on CD only
Martha Haines - Finding My Way - 2012 - Available on iTunes
Struan Shields - If I'm Being Honest - 2012 - Available on iTunes
Native Run - Ten Mornings - 2010 - Available on iTunes
The Independent - Winter EP - Half-Hearted (only) - 2010 - Available on iTunes
The Pocket - Brave New World - 2010 - Available on SoundCloud
Matt Kineke - Watchin' Summertime - 2009 - Available on CD only
The Sapphire Project - Full Length Record - 2008 - Currently Unavailable
Thomas Lunch - Diagrams Without Instructions - 2007 - Available on iTunes
Mudhookers - Full Length Album - 2005 - Currently Unavailable
Prescott - EP - 2000 - Available on CD only

Thank you for reading my CraigsList Post! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Nathan Read
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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