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A "progressive" by any other name is an America hating Communist

As abhorrent as some persons and their ideas on the "right" are, at least they have the honesty to call themselves by names that everyone thinks they understand. Meanwhile, the hate mongers on the left use subterfuges to soft sell what they, and their agendas really are. That is, to destroy Liberty and to reduce mankind to the lowest common denominator. The leftists call themselves "Progressives" and "Community Organizers", and "Social Justice Activists" and other such innocuous sounding La-Di-Da titles,BUT, they are actually Anti-American, Republican Government Hating, Free Speech and other Liberty hating Marxist/Socialist thugs of the ilk that tried to destroy Western European and American Culture at the turn of the 20th century. They, are more often the instigators and perpetrators of violence against the Police and everyday Americans. Unfortunately they get a pass from leftist self-serving politicians and administrative bureaucrats who are busy padding their pockets and filling the coffers of their slush fund/war chests. The" down-trodden masses" are unfortunately populated by ignorant and stupid but sometimes well-meaning "useful idiots" who have been indoctrinated rather than educated in schools and other institutions into which, the leftists have insinuated themselves for the past 70 years.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, My commentary which is TRUTH, will almost surely be flagged by the real racists, the real "haters", the real Anti-Americans and other useful idiots whom are too stupid to see they are pawns.
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