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RANT: Deceptive Practices at Uber Eats

I got an e-mail from Uber Eats (which I never used, though I had used Uber). It offered me a coupon code for a discount of $30 on any order. That seemed good to me, so I installed the Uber Eats app on my phone and ordered some food from a local restaurant. I kept looking for a place to enter the coupon code, but I thought it might be applied automatically because I went to the install process thru a link in the e-mail. Every other time I've ordered something online, I've found you enter the coupon code as you pay. I clicked to complete the order, still thinking I'd find a way to enter the code or maybe the coupon would be applied automatically, but the order went thru and my credit card was charged with the total amount without any discount. So there's the first problem: I didn't see any way to apply the coupon.

So I immediately tried to cancel the order. I was literally trying to cancel within seconds. And I could not find any way to do so. I looked up instructions for canceling an Uber Eats order, and the instructions were incorrect. Things that should have been on the app weren't there. I couldn't find any way to cancel. So that's the second problem.

I contacted Uber Eats several times but haven't gotten any real response, just canned copy-and-paste replies that don't really address my situation. One thing: You're supposed to put the coupon into the app thru some process (click this, go to that, select this other thing ...) BEFORE you start any order. That seems unintuitive and odd. The e-mail from Uber even says add the coupon code before you checkout, but actually you have to add it before you order.

I complained to the credit card company to dispute the charge, and maybe that will get my my $30. But if that doesn't work I'm seriously considering taking Uber Eats to small claims court. Yes, I am so mad that I will sue this goddamned cheating company to get my $30.

And, obviously, I'm never using Uber or Uber Eats ever again. Fuck 'em.

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