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College Writing Instructor to help you edit your work (Lake Ridge)

College writing instructor, editor, satirical essayist, publisher, playwright, lyricist, composer, and textbook author with an MFA in writing from the University of Virginia and 25 years' experience in teaching, writing, and editing is available to edit your:

• personal statement and other college-entrance essays
• resume or CV
• dissertation or master's thesis in APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian formats
• college assignments
• business proposal
• novel or memoir
• press release
• how-to book or manual
• script

Some of my past editing projects include:

• personal statements for student applications, successfully placing clients in Harvard and Princeton Universities.
• a series of literary reviews on diabetes
• a bio for a spa business website
• a doctoral dissertation on patent litigation
• a book on holistic cancer cures
• a letter to a collection agency
• a book on medicinal herbs
• master’s thesis: privacy concerns arising from technological advancements
• medical journal articles on pediatrics
• a doctoral dissertation on nursing management
• a podcast script on marijuana entrepreneurs
• a business proposal for hydroelectric power in Africa
• a master’s thesis on social geography
• engineering reports for the federal government on soil contamination
• an advertisement for a new day spa in New York City
• a master’s thesis on computer servers
• proposal for waste disposal and recycling for the Congo
• letter to a judge pleading for leniency in divorce case
• a medical report on difficult diagnoses
• a master’s thesis on the feasibility of the Airbus
• a magazine article on women empowerment in India
• a book on child psychology
• a booklet on the power of positive thinking
• letter to the courts for obtaining child custody
• personal statements for dental school, med school, and law school
• a magazine article on violence against women in India
• a collection of childhood anecdotes
• a personal memoir about coming of age in rural Texas
• a master’s thesis on electric car use
• a nursing CV
• a personal memoir about growing up in Texas
• a research paper on autism
• a master’s thesis on electric car use
• a press release for a new author
• resumes for clients in the medical field, dentistry, and the trucking industry
• a letter to a judge pleading for custody of a minor
• a novella of mainstream young adult fiction
• a letter to a traffic court judge to lessen charge for reckless driving

In addition, I've written newspaper articles, dozens of plays, hundreds of songs with lyrics, and countless satirical essays on social and political issues.

5-star reviews on

• Michael G.
I chose Steven to be my editor for a graduate program thesis paper and am really happy with the decision. His suggestions for grammar and word choices put a beautiful polish on my work. I enjoyed and benefited from the collaborative, back and forth, environment; and learned a bit about writing as well! I highly recommend Steven and plan to hire him for some business projects as well!
Apr 24, 2020

• Kwame V.
Steven was exemplary on every level. He is experienced, critical, and intuitive in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of key story elements such as premise, flow, and structure. He returned my work quickly, and provided as much feedback and interaction as I needed. He was very thoughtful in his comments, and revisions or additions he suggested were always right on target. Thanks for ensuring that my project reaches its fullest potential.
Apr 25, 2020

Fees normally range from 2 to 3 cents a word, mostly depending on overall length and quality of the writing. Once I see the document, I can give you an exact quote right away.

My work entails:
• rewriting sentences when necessary to improve fluency and sophistication
• cleaning up grammar, spelling and punctuation
• eliminating redundancies, ambiguities, and archaic words
• suggesting more appropriate vocabulary
• paring back sentences to make them more succinct
• checking for proper usage, and suggesting improvements
• some formatting can be included (for example, on business proposals, resumes, running heads on university projects, etc.) but please ask first about what your needs are.
• making notations if facts appear questionable
• improving clarity, flow and readability

Editing examples and sample comments:

ORIGINAL: The same principle whether or not I could lead others for the better was applied when I was choosing my first job.

EDITED: Likewise, when I chose my first job, I considered first whether or not I would have the opportunity to lead others and enrich lives.


ORIGINAL: I did not feel motivated to apply to those companies because I did not find such work meaningful.

EDITED: I did not feel motivated to apply to those companies because it would not have been as fulfilling to me.


ORIGINAL: As illustrated in these two examples, a bigger picture of what I am doing and where my life is heading is very important to me. Likewise, as a person, I try to be resourceful and helpful.

EDITED: You might not need to say “as a person”….. we know you’re a human being!


ORIGINAL: I was a mentor. I visited middle and high schools to make a presentation about majoring Education in college, helping students decide what to study in college

EDITED: “…lives in Korea, mentoring high school students about their college majors.


ORIGINAL: I like the way my values have thus far led my decisions and my life, and I assume that they will keep my life on the right track like a lighthouse.

EDITED: This is what we call mixing metaphors (right track and lighthouse). Also, ‘assume’ is a weak word here. Another option is….. “I trust that they will act as a beacon of light, drawing me ever closer to my ultimate goals.”


ORIGINAL: Many of his questions are the things regarding the text books, and at the same time, those were related with advanced concepts that is already had written in another advanced books. He made such his own original thinking at the very time after my lectures end without any help.

EDITED: Many of his questions pertained to advanced concepts that students were not yet expected to understand, but his curiosity and passion for learning prompted him to go above and beyond what we were studying at the time.


ORIGINAL: It has been three years when he talked me that he wants study more but he couldn’t for his circumstance.

EDITED: I was not surprised with his decision because it was something that I had encouraged him to do for years.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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